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Nightmare: Code Valentine - suck it

Studio FOW Releases the Resident Evil Based Parody, Nightmare: Code Valentine

Watch Jill Valentine get railed by various monsters in Studio FOW’s latest animated porn parody, Nightmare: Code Valentine.

Studio FOW has released a multitude of parody SFM porn animations during their time. Today, they have released yet another. Nightmare: Code Valentine gives us a half hour of nearly non-stop hardcore action between Resident Evil’s Jill Valentine and several iconic monsters from the series. Studio FOW describes it best in their summary.

From the pieces of shit that brought you Kunoichi and Scarlet Nights comes a new adult horror experience! A beautiful operative gets mired in the horrors of the zombie apocalypse, and with no way out her “Last Escape” is about to become a very real nightmare!

Featuring 32 minutes of depraved monster-on-girl action, tentacles, inflation, all the way-throughs and huge cocks destroying everyone’s favorite childhood heroine!

It begins with Jill being stalked through the city and ultimately ravaged by the Tyrant. She is eventually rescued by some soldiers, but things only get worse when they turn her over to a group of mad scientists. While being restrained, Jill is raped by other monsters like a Hunter and even a Cerberus. If you like something a bit more vanilla, they also throw in a short sequence between Jill and Chris Redfield. You can view the video below:

At the time of this writing, Studio FOW hasn’t provided a direct download link for Nightmare: Code Valentine. We will be sure to update you when they do — for now use this link which will take you to their torrent. Be warned, the file is just over 1 GB. If you wish to see more from Studio FOW, check out their website

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  • FALprofessional

    It didn’t think I’d like it all that much, but the cinematography is spot on. I just straight up watched it. Didn’t even do anything scandalous. Very nice.

  • Adam

    Lame. It could have been better. Not even a good ending.

    • Antonio

      Good ending isn’t the thing to Studio FOW.

  • Antonio

    Well, I must say, this is the first time a movie of Studio FOW disappoints me. The problem with it? For more stupid it sounds, it was too REAL. I heard once that there is a difference between Hentai/Fantasy Rape and Real Life Rape, I didn’t really paid much attention at the time (since I never witnessed a real life rape, Thanks God), but thanks to Code Valentine, I must say, there is a clear difference.

    What the movie shows is a real life rape, with victim pleading for mercy, full of fear in her voice, without feeling pleasure not even a bit, with no power to fight back even when not tied, and having a severe case of PTSD, becoming even catatonic after the act.

    Hentai/Fantasy rape do not have all of these traits at the same time, usually, even if in the middle of the act, the victim begin to feel pleasure, even if just a little. Even the mindbreaking types (which I hate) don’t have all of these traits at the same time. But Code Valantine have it, and even on moments that it really goes to fantasy style (like when the monster shoves a tentacle in her anus and make exit through her mouth), I can still feel it is too real.

    Sorry guys of Studio FOW. I really appreciate the effort. The models, animations and voice acting were superb, but I simple can’t fap to this. Your Kunoichi series, which has the same idea (monsters fucking a girl), is still very Hentai/Fantasy style, and so, even not being into rape, I do like them. But this… I can’t. I hope you drop this style and back to the old style.

  • strikezero01 .
  • This was pretty good. I’d love their style with less monsters, more people though.

  • Reggie James

    I absolutley loved this! Too often FOW goes for happier endings and I loved the cruelty and barbarism of this one. Would love to see Jill suffer more, didn’t care for the dog scene much but man oh man were there some hot scenes. And when Nemesis stepped on her cum filled gut I bust out laughing!

    The final bit with the giant monster was classic and so so amazing! Possibly my favorite FOW production yet.