Putting the D in the double D.

Cotton Wife/Husband Dakimakura Takes the Stage

The innovative and unique product creators known as Bibi Lab have released a new dakimakura item, dubbed the Cotton Wife and Cotton Husband.

These new Cotton partner items have become a hot topic on Twitter. One Twitter user having noticed the unusual product has said that “Rakuten’s ads started recommending a really difficult product…”. Since then, the tweet has garnered a significant amount of attention, with several thousand likes and retweets.


The new human-like dakimakura (hug pillow), known as the Cotton Wife or Cotton Husband, is advertised like a real romantic partner. In December of 2016, Bibi Lab released these revisioned models of the Cotton Wife” and Cotton Husband.” If you take a look at their website, the products are introduced as “Dakimakuras that have evolved too far”, and are shown off not only as sleeping implements but also as partners to help soothe your heart.

You can equip your favorite costumes and have them sit next to you all day. For reference, the wife is 150 cm, while the husband is 165 cm, but there are also other models available differing in both size and body shape. The cloth attached is velvet, so you can wash the entire thing whole. It’s also beige-colored, so it’s easy to recreate whatever character you want. The measurements for the pillows are public, so those crafty enough can make their own covers if needed. There is also a “bone” (a cloth cylinder filled with cotton) inside the neck area, which makes it easy to have it sit there without having its head bend at odd angles.

Not only can you use them for sleeping, they can be used to create a fantasy love story in VR, as a second seat when driving, or even just to fill up a lonely house. The virtual reality utility will certainly turn some heads and, with a few modifications, it might even be used for something kinkier than just hugging in the future. What is certain is that a lot of people’s sleepless nights alone will finally be over.

The Cotton Wife and Cotton Husband dakimakuras are now available for purchase ranging from 6000 to 25,000 yen on Japanese Amazon.

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