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A fledgling studio, going by the name of PiXel Games, is currently developing its first visual novel, The Wind’s Disciple.

PiXel Games consists of two close friends – Chica Pixel, who serves as the artist and designer, and MewPiX, a six-year programming veteran who has also taken up the mantle of the writer. Together, they’ve become a force to be reckoned with, producing gorgeous art and, in general, eroge at absolutely no cost.

Their first project as a duo is the PC-only The Wind’s Disciple, a visual novel flashing a spotlight on the backstory of League of Legends’ Janna, which isn’t all sunshine, rainbows, and glittering unicorns.

In this universe, Janna ventures forth from her secluded orphanage life into the sex-obsessed city-state of Zaun, with nothing but the ill-fitting clothing on her back and her floaty avian comrade, generically named Spot. Initially, Janna is equipped with nothing but purity, but due to the exposure of Zaun’s environment, Janna’s innocence eventually slips deeper into the abyss. In exchange for said innocence, the 18-year-old finds solace in her job as an underground cleaner and in her newfound friends, including:

The street rat Ronald, who holds an open relationship with his girlfriend, Roxanne. He is all-too-often seeking to impress and please any woman he encounters.

The cool and collective Roxanne, who takes extreme enjoyment in her hobby of scouring the local tavern for impressive and tantalizing dicks.

Sue, the whimsical, down-to-earth secretary, bound to the town office. Like Roxanne, her interests lie mainly in sucking cock.

Warwick, a sexually frustrated werewolf trapped behind bars in the putrid sewers.

And finally, the old man Valentine, a clothing shop owner who harbors sensual, unorthodox methods of measurement.

Together, these colorful characters aid Janna in her exploration beyond the cramped cage of her sexuality, all in an effort to discover the promiscuous realities suffocating Zaun.

The Wind’s Disciple, which you can download straight from Patreon, is currently in its early stages (v.0.3.5), providing you with a mere couple hours of gameplay. Keep in mind that the grammar isn’t exactly top notch (expect a ton of ellipses, typos, etc.), and a few annoying bugs will linger; in fact, one of the bugs could be considered “game-breaking.” To further elaborate, when you press the “F.Skip” button to sail through an event – which you will do, thanks to the highly repetitive nature of the visual novel – sometimes the game will refuse to progress and instead hurl you back to the title screen. Needless to say, if saving isn’t habitual, you’ll risk the loss of your gains.

Nevertheless, if you plan on contributing to PiXel Games’ Patreon, then know that you’ll gain access to the latest version before the public build is released, alongside some other nifty perks. But if you simply want to learn more about the masterminds behind PiXel Games or The Wind’s Disciple, then feel free to check out MewPix’s and Chica Pixel’s Tumblr pages.

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