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Review: My Girlfriend Is the President

Sticking it to the Chief

My Girlfriend Is the President is quite possibly one of the most unique stories I’ve ever witnessed or indulged in. To begin with, the game itself plays like a visual novel. Created by ALCOT released by JASTUSA, is one which (if you’re not familiar with the genre,) is best to think of as being akin to an interactive digital comic book. One reads the action illustrated on screen, makes key choices at several points and in turn, changes the route of the story they follow. So, with this in mind, there’s not all that much to write about as far as gameplay goes.

Among the controls the player has, they can choose to alter the speed with which the text is populated, clicking here and there to advance the plot, or simply setting it to do so automatically. As well, another helpful feature is the ability to skip directly to certain choices making the ability to see and decide upon alternate routes easier in the course of play.

The dialog voice acting which accompanies the scenes is itself, entirely in Japanese. This, for American audience makes the written text all the more important.

However in respect to the text, the game is translated exceptionally well, with several jokes invoking US politics and tropes added in. I have never personally seen the original script, so I cannot be sure how many of these are intentional, or in place of something more obscure. But for what they are worth, they are solid gags that are sure to amuse. For the otaku player specifically, there are several shout-outs, referencing many popular franchises, from “Fist of the North Star” to “Mobile Fighter G-Gundam”, and “JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure.”

The plot itself is rather indescribable. However, I will endeavor to give it my best: Firstly, an alien-maid part of an intergalactic multi-marketing scheme crashes her ship which itself, is also a girl (a dynamic one must play and see to fully understand), into the earth, killing the entire government of Japan. To fix this, the crashed alien builds a version of the American White House in Japan, and quickly installs a high school student council as Japan’s new leadership.

At the same time, the extra terrestrial creature brainwashes the entire world into believing this is simply how it has always been. The player in turn, takes on the role of the Vice President, serving beneath your childhood friend, who has been installed as President of Japan.

Tensions then erupt between as battles for claim to your heart and regard are waged between everything from a gender-swapped version of Vladimir Putin, to other NPC aliens and friends in the cabinet, further complicating the already bizarre unfolding of events.

Being personally honest, there were points in this game where I was left entirely speechless about the way the plot progressed. I would be tempted to compare it to anime series such as The Excel Saga, which run on humor, rather than an internal logic, yet I fear even then I would be somewhat missing the mark.

Thinking on it, I imagine I would personally rather enjoy My Girlfriend Is The President, were it to be presented as an anime on it’s own. The hentai cutscenes themselves are well done, but sadly few and far between. One may play for upwards of five hours before even seeing a character in the nude. This may be likely due to the fact that game is billed as one that is based around “pure love,” as opposed to the impure lust one might be looking for. Furthermore, by many standards these scenes are themselves very vanilla, with little living up to the sort of lewdness found in other titles. However for those truly dedicated to getting the most lasciviousness from their experience there is additional content available that has extra hentai action, and a harem ending for the story.

Ultimately, I would confidently recommend My Girlfriend is The President for just about anyone, especially for those to whom such would be their first experience with the visual novel genre. With multiple plot lines, endings, characters, and settings to explore, the game (or novel, if you prefer) offers up considerable replayability, which in this modern era of linear content, is appreciated. And in terms of basic rating, if you need nothing else, I give the game a 9 out of 10 by visual novel standards and 7 out of 10 as far as the lewdness you’ve likely come to learn about.

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  • One of the most unique scenarios and stories I've seen in any medium Heart touching love interests and screwball comedy collide User interface is great and makes seeing alternate routes a breeze


  • Takes a long time to see any erotic content Could be lengthy for some The game could be too Dadaist for some tastes
  • Gameplay
  • Sound
  • Replay Value


A great vanilla love story with your choice of love interest.

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