...the fuck?

Originally, I was going to title this piece “Doujin Showcase: ‘Nasty Hat Sluts Want to Be Fucked Harder'”, but it turns out that article titles need to reflect possible Google searches or some other fucking bullshit nerd thing.

Still, I suppose it’s okay, if brevity is to be striven for. After all, everybody knows that Touhou is synonymous with really good porn, and that the Touhou girls (Touhous, for short) are all massive sluts who crave nothing other than being fucked and inseminated while wearing their frilly dresses. In short, my kind of women.

Girls are such lovely, pathetic creatures, aren’t they?

Now, some of my plebbier, poorer, generally more uneducated readers may be turning their heads and looking at their more patrician counterparts in confusion, wondering aloud what this is all about. For those of you not in the know, Touhou is the name for a series of bullet hell shooters, fighting games, and assorted spin-offs featuring a massive cast of over a hundred cute girls who fight and then drink tea with each other in a magical wonderland called Gensokyo. It is a legitimately great series gameplay-wise, and I do encourage you to try any  of the shooters , or fighters, as they are all outstanding indie games in their own right. Of arguably more importance than the series itself, though is the absolutely gigantic doujin community that has spawned around it, creating all sorts of works and products from doujin games , figures , remix albums, and of course, pornography. Lots, and lots, and lots of porn:

So many girls to rape, and so little time!

It is in that spirit, of spreading this downright noble and immense body of work, that I have deigned to mingle once more among you, the poor, downtrodden, unwashed, frankly smelly masses of my readership, that I might enlighten you with the best of the very best in anime porn featuring sluts with head accessories taking a million dicks at once. You will not regret reading further as we forge onward into the magical, sex-filled land of Gensokyo and sample the very best in soft female flesh that Touhou has to offer.

No, seriously, stick around. This is gonna be GREAT.


By Kaiou

Let’s start off on the right foot. Everyone has their own personal best Touhou, and the great magician Patchouli is mine. So what better way to start this doujin showcase than with a comic all about her getting hypnotized and then raped over and over and over again? By specialist, to boot, for that’s what artist Kaiou, from doujin circle Fukutsuu Okosu is. The overwhelming bulk of his work involves the Touhou girls, particularly the servants of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, among others, being put to sleep, hypnotized, mind controlled, or otherwise dominated and then subjected to their proper use as cock sleeves.

This comic is no different. It begins when Patchouli summons a demon to do her bidding. While initially under control, he manages to find a way to sneak his way into her dreams and take control of Patchouli’s mind, resulting in a sort of hypnotic programming that turns her into a cum slut on a word. Check it out, it’s fantastic:


By Hiroya

Oh man. Oh boy. You probably stopped to stare, too. Check out the art. The clean lines. The puffy pink nipples. The subtle toning of Marisa’s flat stomach. We’re in for a treat here, and I fact I’m almost regretting placing this one so early because it’s just so good.

In this doujin by artist Hiroya of prolific (mostly futa-on-girl) Touhou group  Hirojuu Rensho, we continue our trip through the Scarlet Devil Mansion, this time through the eyes of the thieving witch Marisa, who has been once again caught stealing books off the library. Her patience worn thin, Patchouli, this time blissfully un-raped by demons, orders her personal succubus Koakuma to teach Marisa a lesson—by growing a dick and fucking her against her will. The sexy plot, including such good things as rape, yuri rape, and futa-on-girl rape, weaves into the tremendously detailed art to create something that could well be called a masterpiece of hat slut porn. In all seriousness, it’s really stuff like this that makes you think of erotic work as an actual artistic medium – check out the art for yourself below and tell me that this isn’t some serious, serious technical effort going down:

Touhou Sleep Sex Anthology

By too many artists to name.

So, what happens when you’re a madman who is really into Touhou, and really into raping chicks in their sleep (a noble pastime if ever I heard of one), and you have the resources to bring together not one, not two, not three but over eleven artists and six doujin circles together, and get all of them to contribute their own comics to a gigantic book dedicated to sleep rape? Miracles, that’s what. Absolute fucking miracles. This anthology has something for everybody, and covers any numbers of variations on this great theme, from rape, to brutal abuse of sleeping women, to sneaky drug-and-fuck date rape style sex, to lovey-dovey sleep fucking, all over a wide range of art styles. In fact, if I were restricted to telling you to look for only one doujin off of this list, I’d tell you to look for this one, since there’s so much content in it that it’s guaranteed to please any taste. (Unless you’re a literal faggot, but if so what the hell are you doing here?)

There’s over a hundred pages of this, and it’s as incredible as it sounds.

Kaze Hofuri

By Parabola

Ryona is such a wonderful genre. It makes the correct deduction that if you enjoy pain and suffering enough to want to see girls get raped, chances are you will also enjoy seeing them beaten and bloodied. In fact, I could probably write an entire article following the progression from mere non-consensual sex, to the cruel beatings and choking of ryona, to the bloody reaches of some right proper snuff and guro. However, this is a doujin showcase, so for this time around, let’s focus solely on the comics, okay?

In this particular work of art by Parabola, half-goddess and magical priestess Sanae is raped and tortured in two very different settings. On the first go, she attacks the Tengu on a mission from her deities, and after getting her shit pushed in by Momiji, the mountain wolf Tengu of AWOOO meme fame, she’s brutally gangraped by multiple men. In the second half of the comic, she flashes back to her time as a school girl in the non-magical world, where her shy demeanor and utter defenselessness lead to her being brutally gangraped (noticing a pattern?), choked and beaten by her classmates for the better part of a school year. The raw, brutal nature of the content combined with the extremely competent art make this a nice addition to any collection:

Fushichou Gari -Kou-

By hal

Given that we’re already pretty deep into this whole brutal abuse thing, perhaps it bears questioning which kind of girl is best to torture. Setting aside the debate on whether it’s better if she enjoys it or hates it, I’d say that the best possible woman for such patrician taste would be the kind of woman who can’t die. After all, hurting girls is thrilling, but if you kill them you have no more girls, and a world without women would be a sad world indeed. Fortunately, Touhou, with its impressive triple-digit cast numbers, has a chick for every fetish, and the two immortals, Fujiwara no Mokou and Houraisan no Kaguya are the perfect, perfect candidates for ryona play. After all, it doesn’t matter what you do to them – even if you ripped Mokou apart, she just gets back up like brand new seconds later.

In this doujin, Kaguya takes advantage of this fact, and she has Mokou tortured, raped, drugged, then raped again over and over and over, because after all, it’s not like she won’t stay healthy, right? Sure, there’s the whole terrifying psychological damage thing, but who gives a shit about that nerd stuff anyway?

And there you have it. A sampler of the very best in Touhou content. Some may say that this editorial ended up being lopsided by my bias towards general havoc and suffering, and this may be true. Certainly the Touhou doujin scene is so large that there’s also a lot of content to sate the tastes of people who enjoy stuff more along the lines of yuri or vanilla. But take that not as adversity but as opportunity – there will be much more content to come!

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