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Starless Yuuna Mitarai Figure Now Up For Pre-order

J-List has opened up pre-orders for a figure of Yuuna Mitarai from Empress’ nukige Starless.

Western Japanese merchandise shop J-List has opened pre-orders for a Starless figurine, featuring Yuuna Mitarai. Yuuna herself is one of the heroines of Empress’ visual novel nukige Starless and one of the servants at the deprived mansion, where she is trying to earn a wage to pay for her brother’s operation.

Yuuna’s 1/6 scale statue, sculpted by Katagiri Katsuhiro, stands 17.5 cm tall (6.9 in) with her in an alluring pose only dressed in tight white gloves and knee high socks. A few strawberries have been added to fill in the details for a bit more artistry as well. If that’s not enough eroticism, Yuuna’s bra and panties can be cast off, revealing the goods in  both the attic and the basement.

For those willing to ogle further, we have presented a few sample photos of the figure below for your viewing pleasure.

The Starless Yuuna Mitarai figure is now available for pre-order on J-List’s store page for $169.50. The figure is set to be released sometime in May of this year. If you like what you see, you can also check out other figurines from Daiki Kougyou’s often sexy catalog.

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