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Umemaro's 3D Erotic Movie "Cheeky Girl" Is Released

3D erotic animation guru Umemaro 3D has released a newest erotic video short, titled Cheeky Girl. Severe pants tightening is to be expected.

3D erotic video and CG collection master Umemaro 3D has returned with another new volume of short animated videos. The 14th volume, called Cheeky Girl, marks a few significant changes to Umemaro’s formula to further improve the quality of his work, thus giving you an even more arousing experience.

As a translation of one of Umemaro’s official blog posts states, the 3D animation has moved away from Mackyplayer to Clickteam 2.5. This change also shifts the format of the videos from .mp4, previously used in all of his work starting from Kasumi, to .wmv. The artist also indicated that abandoning Mackyplayer should improve the graphic quality of his movies, starting with Cheeky Girl.

If you want to compare Umemaro’s Cheeky Girl to his previous works, we’ve provided a trailer video and a few sample screenshots of his latest creation below. A short plot synopsis is included as well.

Umemaro 3D movie collection #14

In recent years, a teacher’s behavior has become problematic. It would seem that he’s a molester, abusing his position of trust to violate the space of students. However, the truth of the situation is… he may be the victim here.

With a phone in one hand, a modern teen sucks and f*cks a grown man who feigns calm but is truly helpless, as she discovers the power of her sexuality.

Chidori Toda CV: Kotone Akatsuki

Umemaro’s Cheeky Girl is now available as a download on the English version of DLsite for $16.97. A free trial version is also available for those that can’t hold back their arousal. The DLsite page for Cheeky Girl also informs us of a planned English translation (English subbed with Japanese voices) of this mini-movie collection, due to come out at a later date.

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