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Eroico was just released this week on Nutaku, following its release last week on MangaGamer.

Eroico, the pixelated action platformer by Kyrieru, has just been released on additional storefronts. Prospective buyers can now pick up the title on both Nutaku and MangaGamer. The game boasts old school graphics and gameplay, mixed with some animated pixel sex and illustrated adult CGs. If you aren’t already familiar with the title, you can read the store description and watch the trailer below:

About Eroico

A retro-style action platformer with a sexy twist! Battle monster girls, gather power-ups, and have copious amounts of sex along the way! Sword and Shield in hand, a lone prince begins his journey to defeat the demon lord! You must fight through different monster girls who want nothing more than to pounce, or cast spells, on their prey! Travel through forests and across the barren deserts. When you arrive at the heart of the dark castle… will you emerge a hero, or fall victim to the wiles of the demon lords monster girl foes..?

Eroico takes engaging gameplay, gorgeous pixel scenes, an enjoyable soundtrack and combines them together into a perfect package! A challenging and rewarding adventure experience which appeals to all sorts of gamers.

Enjoy great original sex scenes throughout the game. When the monster girls do have their way with the hero, the scenes and sounds are quite cheeky!

Key Game Features

* 3 Stages to explore

* 15 Monster girls to encounter

* Adult uncensored sex-animations + CGs!

* No DRM

* Windows only

For those interested in our opinion of the game, we reviewedEroico last year. You can pick up this PC exclusive for $9.00 on Nutaku and $9.95 at MangaGamer . If you’re interested in other projects this developer has in the works, feel free to check out his blog  and Patreon.

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