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Eroge developer Reepyr is currently constructing a uniquely-designed role-playing game, dubbed The Adventures of Tara.

It’s not every day that a game impresses me. There are so many out there, with so many enticing features, but recently, there has been one that has stuck out like a sore thumb — The Adventures of Tara.

In fact, when it comes to eroge, quite a few titles tend to follow a similar design, whether they are plot design or artistic design. Furthermore, quite a few titles borrow or outright steal assets from other games. So to find a game with a unique design and a fleshed out plot and characters can prove to be difficult to discover.

Again, enter The Adventures of Tara, a game that I’ve found so far to be incredibly thorough in characterization and enticing in design, as it blends 2D scenery and sprites with gorgeous 3D models.

It works and it works quite well, in fact, thanks to the collaboration efforts between Reepyr and 3DZen (who has added animation to the project).

To put it simply, the plot of The Adventures of Tara revolves around the terms “curse” and “humiliation.” You are thrust into the boots of Tara, an elven school girl who is attending her final year at a university, learning all there is to know about magic and spells. While she is known to be a prodigy, always succeeding in class and rising to the top of the food chain, her personality is a bit of a turn-off. In fact, many of her peers perceive her as a narcissistic bitch who ignores everyone’s existence around her.

Eventually, she encounters a demon who tests her, but she more or less tells him to piss off. As a result, he casts a curse on her, to teach her a lesson and hopefully have her adjust her attitude. Yet, just what does the curse do? Well, for one, whenever Tara curses someone, generally insults them, or is just a general pain in everyone’s behind, she will feel a “tinge” of lust. This actually is a game mechanic — the more lust she accrues, the more she edges to the abyss of impurity. As a result, Tara must masturbate and orgasm to rid of the temporary effects of the curse, but again, these effects are only temporary.

Of course, there are other game mechanics and systems to consider, some of which may take a little work (or none at all) to achieve. For instance, if you do not complete your homework more than twice, you may suffer the consequences — consequences of a sexual nature. Another mechanic revolves around reading a certain series of literature, which will unlock a certain scene with Bridget.

You also choose your responses, which turns the tide of your outcome, and eventually the game itself. There are plans in store for multiple endings. Don’t expect this title to be action-packed, as it places more emphasis on story, characterization, and input versus result. If anything, it is your typical role-playing game, sans a battle system. Yet, that’s not an issue, especially when there is so much happening and as Tara, you’re either attempting to flee the clutches of everyone’s desires, including your own, or containing your purity.

Throughout the title, you’ll find that Sinius holds the keys to Tara’s freedom — or her expulsion from the university. Due to fan feedback, Reepyr has been working on the Sinius route first, which will prove to be quite the interesting route in its entirety. As a bit of a quick introduction, Sinius is a rival who ends up blackmailing Tara. As a result, Tara is forced to become a sex slave over time. However, you can try your best to ensure that Tara resists and remains pure, but it won’t be easy.

Of course, the game doesn’t just revolve around Tara’s rival Sinius but also around a vast cast of other characters. In Tara’s adventure, she encounters the headmaster, who checkmarks every box that illustrates the perverted old man stereotype; Bridget, a girl Tara has been completely and utterly rude towards Bernal, who desperately wants to befriend (and become a boyfriend to) Tara; Bryce, the major asshole who acts as Sinius’ accomplice; Invisier, another perverted instructor who enjoys the acts of a women’s flash; Gorbly, a goblin who just loves to screw around; and other characters who play either a passive or active role in Tara’s unfortunate and cursed life.

Throughout the game, I’ve found myself actually growing to either love or hate almost every one of these characters. The writing is quite good — not at all perceived as shallow as I have encountered in other eroge. If anything, the characterization and the unfolding of the plot (and curse) is more than enough to captivate the audience, even if the gameplay isn’t as action packed.

Currently, the latest free public release version is set at v0.30.D12, which includes all of the content up until the end of Day 12, which was originally shared on October 6th. However, if you choose to pledge, then you will be able to access version v0.80.D15, which was released on January 16, 2017.

To play The Adventures of Tara, you are required the download of RPG Maker VX RTP. Unfortunately, there are some issues regarding RPG Maker. For one, I’ve found myself unable to alt-tab when in full-screen mode. In fact, the game can become buggy when alt-tabbing. Sometimes the game will completely lock up for a bit, disallowing you to progress any further. Other times, exiting the game would cause the black-screen-of-death.

If you’re relishing your playthrough of The Adventures of Tara, then you should consider following and supporting Reepyr via his Patreon page. Not only will you receive later releases of The Adventures of Tara, but you’ll also obtain access to polls, “cheat save” files with all the scenes unlocked, occasional bonus images that are not in the game, beta test access to the very latest content that is being tested for the game, the option to choose your favorite images for high-resolution adjustments, one customer artwork request per month, and the ability to name a character or request a scene. However, most of the options are dependent on the tier you decide to enter.

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