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Developer Adult Games Network has started a crowdfunding campaign for their adult Match 3 game, Phantasma Magic: Deluxe.

Adult Games Network has created a Kimochi funding campaign for the puzzle Match 3 adult game, Phantasma Magic: Deluxe. If you have ever heard or played the hit mobile game Puzzle & Dragons, it’s very similar to that title in terms of core gameplay and progression, but with an added adult twist of collecting cards with naughty drawings on them, as well as containing animated sex scenes. The game will also contain visual novel segments that progress the story.

A comprehensive list of features, gameplay, story and characters taken from the game’s Kimochi campaign page can be found below.


Phantasma Magic: Deluxe is a super naughty adult game based around the popular match 3 gameplay mechanic.

Match colored magical orbs to deal massive attacks to your enemies, and build up crazy combos to create devastating strikes.

Phantasma Magic: Deluxe also features an in-depth visual novel, with a deep storyline and hundreds of exciting hot characters.

Below are some features of the game:

- Full battle system that utilises the match 3 gameplay mechanic to fight your enemies

- Fully fledged card system allowing players to collect super naughty cards to add to their collection and use in battle. Level up your cards to remove the girls clothes and see their true seductive side

- Crisp and arousing anime graphics.

- Amazing and Steamy animated sex scenes.

Utilising the power of HTML5, Phantasma will be playable across all major devices, within both desktop browsers and mobile browsers (both iOS and Android). You can truly take this game anywhere. Start on your desktop in the morning and continue on your phone to make your boring commute really naughty.


Phantasma lives in the Utopian world of Cantoria. She is studying to become a Witch, and has just passed the intense training the village head mistress has put her through, in order to become a fully fledged witch.

However, disaster strikes in the village and the evil Countess Isabella has taken Phantasma’s friends hostage.

You embark on a quest to get your friends back, fuck lots of hot guys and girls, meet new characters, defeat enemies and visit new uncharted lands; not forgetting journeying with your trusty sidekick pussy, Cosmo!

Why has the Evil Countess taken your friends, what is the true power of Phantasma?

You will find out all in Phantasma Magic: Deluxe


Adult Games Network is seeking $30,000 in fixed funding for their campaign. After reaching their goal, Phantasma Magic: Deluxe will be available to play on adult gaming platform Nutaku. The developers have also prepared a few stretch goals all the way up to $65,000, including additional features like more additional content as DLC, more animated sex scenes, a whole slew of new cards to collect, animated characters in the visual novel sections, safe-for-work versions for Steam, iOS and Android and lastly a unique orchestral soundtrack.

Some of the perks for the backers of the project list high-resolution wallpapers for mobile devices and PC, a special costume for Phantasma, a digital booklet listing information about all of the girls in the game, exclusive backer sex scenes, pin-up style posters and other goodies.

LewdGamer has reached out to Adult Games Network asking if the game will contain microtransactions as a Nutaku-published freemium title and got back a positive reply. We also found out that the title will be a Nutaku exclusive once it releases.

A feature trailer for the game, promising more than 260 unique characters and 180 levels to attain when the game launches, is also available below for your viewing pleasure.

More news and updates on Phantasma Magic: Deluxe can be found on the official Twitter account of Adult Games Network.

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