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Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja bring us another batch of sexy DLC for the lewd volleyball game, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. Just the other day, they released the Salmon Roe Swimsuit DLC, probably the lewdest set of swimwear by far.

In Team Ninja’s neverending quest to reveal as much skin as possible on the lovely Dead or Alive divas, they probably found themselves backed into a corner after they released outfits that were nothing more than gift wrapping. Fortunately, they persevered and found something that performed even less functional as clothing than ribbons — beads. The Salmon Roe Swimsuit DLC features swim attire that expertly covers the least amount of surface area possible, while still technically qualifying as a bathing suit. To grab a quick glimpse of what a Dead or Alive cutie looks like while wearing an outfit that is little more than pasties and Mardi Gras beads, check out the images below.

To gain access to these swimsuits, you’ll first need to download the swimsuit catalog. For the Asian version of the game, uses these links for the PS4 or the Vita . If you want the Japanese version, use these links for the PS4 or Vita. Once the patch is downloaded, these outfits can be purchased in-game using Zack Dollars or Premium Currency (paid for with real money.) The Salmon Roe Swimsuit DLC comes in nine different colors, which can be seen below.

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