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Winged Cloud Releases Free VN Sakura Valentine’s Day

Visual novel publisher Winged Cloud has released a short, free 18+ visual novel for Valentine’s Day, aptly named Sakura Valentine’s Day.

Hot on the heels of the Steam release of Sakura Agent and the Sakura Magical Girls Greenlight campaign, Winged Cloud has released the short, free visual novel Sakura Valentine’s Day for everyone to enjoy the love of being in a polyamorous relationship with two women. Sakura Valentine’s Day places you in the shoes of the faceless protagonist Haru, a university student who entered a contest to win an all expenses paid Valentine’s getaway. Unfortunately for Haru, he does not win the contest. However, Haru’s two girlfriends both win the contest.

Both women decide to share the vacation and day with him, and so Haru enjoys this special lovers’ holiday going back and forth between the ladies, spoiling them both inside and out of the bedroom. Sakura Valentine’s Day features five steamy, uncensored H-scenes featuring foreplay and sex.

Below you can check out some screenshots and CGs from the game, as well as how to obtain the free download:

You can grab Sakura Valentine’s Day free of charge from Denpasoft here. In order to snag the free download, you must follow the developer on Twitter and retweet their post about the game. Unlike Winged Cloud’s free release of Sakura MaidSakura Valentine’s Day does not contain any Patreon only scenes, allowing those who are not contributing to their Patreon to play the game in full.

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  • Free and uncensored. Took ’em long enough.

  • Link_Xp4444

    Hmmm… Is there a possibility to get the free download if you don’t have a Twitter account? I’m just not much interested in Twitter, too censor-y for me.

    • Nin

      To be fair, it’s not like you have to use it afterwards. I think.

      You can make a throwaway email account for it.

  • Nin

    Eh, forcing someone to retweet isn’t really that bad all things considered.

  • razisgosu

    Would it kill Winged Cloud to put out some non-boob monster girls. Christ.