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Sakura Magical Girls

Sakura Magical Girls Now on Steam Greenlight

Additional three new Sakura games inbound

Shortly after the release of Sakura Agent, a new Winged Cloud visual novel called Sakura Magical Girls has appeared on Steam Greenlight.

Winged Cloud’s latest entry into the Sakura franchise of ecchi and erotic visual novels centers around a man down on his luck and his chance meeting with two girls possessing magical powers.

Taichi thinks he’s out of luck. Unable to find work, he ends up with a low paying cleaning job at a resort with an overbearing manager. He thought it was going to be a boring and aggravating experience. That was until two girls wielding magical wands appeared before him. He is inevitably dragged into their conflict with the forces of evil around the resort. Will he be able to overcome the trials ahead?

You can check out the trailer and a few sample screenshots from the game below.

In the same way as with many other Winged Cloud titles, it’s possible that Sakura Magical Girls will also have an 18+ version available via patch or standalone release.

Upon researching Winged Cloud’s Patreon and official homepage, one can find there are at least three other titles being worked on by the developers. While their release dates are currently unknown, the upcoming games have the tentative titles of Sakura GamerSakura Demon Hunter and Sakura Adventure.

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  • Nyaan ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)

    they should stick with making games like sakura dungeon…their usual vn’s are pretty boring

    • Nin

      Sakura Dungeon was announced back when Winged Cloud was working with Mangagamer. It was eventually released when Winged Cloud went back to Sekai Project though.

      I don’t know how involved MG was, but I suspect they were important.

      • FALprofessional

        WC need to stop being so bipolar with which publisher they go with, if any. What is their problem?

    • 44KPanda

      They are supposed to be working on a match 3 puzzle type game. Maybe it’ll be alright.

  • DDD-kun

    The rate at which these things come out just don’t drive up the hunger. Premise alone is a detractor, but then I couldn’t expect any western developers to swallow pride and take a gamble by putting actual styled magic girls in a MG title. More’s the pity.