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SadisticIrony Offers a Free Game for a Valentine's Gift

If you’re feeling a little lonely this Valentine’s day, SadisticIrony is offering a free game to download and play to help you out.

SadisticIrony, also known as Sadi or SadiNSFW, decided to give out a Valentine’s present out to everyone in a new game called Total NC: Valentine’s 2017. Sadi is a hentai artist who also dabbles in the creation of adult games. If you are interested in that sort of work, we have previously covered her. Although this is a very short game, it is a decidedly nice present to receive.

The game is part of her “Total NC” line which she offers through her Patreon. However, this one is a one-off, so no prior knowledge of any of the previous games is required.

This is a free Valentine-themed minigame featuring Ashe, Annie and Sona from League of Legends.

Play as a succubus who’s low on power. Cast your hallucination spells on the girls and drain their life force – but remember not to act suspicious!

I somehow cobbled this together in two days LOLOL it’s really small, but I hope you enjoy it! Happy Valentine’s day!(ノ*゜▽゜*)

The game plays as a simple visual novel with a a few choice mechanics. There are a three different girls to choose from each with a different scene. After draining the life force of your victim a few times, you let your tentacle friends loose to have some fun.  Following that, you take your victim home for a “special” Valentine’s date. While trying it out, I did run into a few runtime errors. Thankfully, they aren’t very common, and most can be resolved by closing and reopening your browser.

The game is available to play on itch.io here.

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