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Western adult games publisher Nutaku has recently released three new erotic game titles on their store platform.

Western game publisher Nutaku has recently added three new titles to their list of downloadable games. Yozora RhapsodyThe Last Weekend and Sister’s Sin can now be found on their downloadable store page. Here is a quick overview of all the newly available games.

Yozora Rhapsody

Yume Creations’ Yozora Rhapsody is a visual novel eroge title centered around a married couple traveling to a mysterious island for their wedding anniversary. The game boasts uncensored sex scenes, multiple endings and a CG, BG and BGM gallery. The game is available for purchase on PC, Mac and Linux for $7 or 700 Nutaku Gold.

It was the perfect opportunity to celebrate his 10 year wedding anniversary with his wife Kotoko. Together with their daughter Hotaru, they are traveling to a tropical island in the south and they have a very nice time in a beautiful paradise. But on one night a meteor shower appeared and everything changed…

The Last Weekend

The second game in the trio of new titles is KexBoy’s puzzle visual novel and erotic adventure game The Last Weekend. The game features four characters with their own individual adventure scenarios to play through, item collection and puzzle solving intermixed with sex scenes. The game is available for purchase on PC and Mac operating systems for $7 or 700 Nutaku Gold.

Sister’s Sins

The last new release is CherrySock’s point-and-click erotic adventure game Sister’s Sins. In Sister’s Sins you play the of John Rivera, a police officer who unexpectedly gets involved in the investigation of a massive diamond heist. Sister’s Sins contains multiple endings, hardcore interactive sex scenes all entrenched in a detective thriller story. Sister’s Sins is available for purchase on PC Windows operating systems for $6 or 600 Nutaku Gold.

The evidence leads you to the house of the main suspect, a young man named Alexander Spencer. He is missing, unfortunately, but his two sisters are still there and they could be the key to cracking the case and finding the stolen goods.

Diana is the older sister who recently turned 20. She is currently studying at law school where she learned quickly that her beauty holds significant power over men and she never hesitates to use it to her advantage.

18 year old Elizabeth is the complete opposite of her sister. Shy, and quiet, she doesn’t have much experience with guys. But is she really as innocent as she seems?

To achieve his goal John will have to discover all the sisters’ secrets.

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