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MiKandi Japan E-Comics Funguild

MiKandi Japan Delves into Erotic E-Comic Market

Visual novel publisher MiKandi Japan has partnered up with Japanese digital comics company Funguild to bring boy’s love, teen’s love, and erotic/hentai comics to the Western market.

Expanding their work beyond the localization of Libra of the Vampire PrincessMiKandi Japan has announced a promising partnership with Funguild to localize and publish erotic comics for Western readers. Utilizing a magazine-esque style, new titles and episodes will be released each month for each magazine type on Mikandi, an adult digital storefront that specializes in content for Android phones and devices.

There are currently three different types of magazines planned: Love Kyun Comic, an otomege serial targeted at 25-30-year-old women, with titles featuring sadistic/strong male characters; Caramel, another serial targeting women, which features “sweet ero” boy’s love titles; and EroManga Island, which will feature hentai titles with rich stories aimed at both male and female readers.

MiKandi Japan E-Comics Funguild

Funguild:Love Kyun Comic” is our “Teen’s Love” (TL) magazine! The concept is being loved by S-type (Sadistic/Strong attitude type) guys…and making your heart beat 1000%♥! Our target readers are 25-30 y/o women. We’re bringing an exciting and real-life feeling to mature women who want to fall in love. There are many high-spec cool guys, and these are completely new and original TL titles.

MiKandi Japan E-Comics Funguild

Funguild:caramel” is our newest magazine for “Boys’ Love” (BL) fans. Our concept is “starting love, melting bodies, sweet ero ♥ BL”. We launched this magazine in Japan in 2017 with the theme “sweet ero BL” and it’s grown from there. Our target readers are mature women in their 20’s to 30’s. Readers can enjoy titles filled with heart-beating sweet love stories and h-scenes that are a little bit extreme. We’ll bring newly drawn, original BL titles as we continue to grow.

MiKandi Japan E-Comics Funguild

Funguild:EroManga Island” is our erotic comic/hentai magazine. We are focused on making pop-culture-centric and extreme erotic comics, with rich stories. These comics are not only for guys, but enjoyable for women readers, too. The titles are ero-extreme and ero-cute!

Currently, Mikandi features several titles and episodes from the Caramel and Love Kyun Comic serials, with EroManga Island making its debut on the storefront sometime in March. Each episode will cost around $2.99 to $3.20. You can check out what’s currently available over at the comic section of the store here.

At the moment, all of the available titles are only available for Android devices. In order to purchase and read the comics, you will need to download Mikandi’s Android app. You can grab the app’s .apk file here. For those of you new to installing apps via an .apk file on your Android device, you can check out the store’s handy guide here.

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