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Long time eroge VN developers Waffle had created an ode to giant jugs that was unavailable to English readers (in any legal capacity) for almost seven years. That all changed as the re-titled Funbag Fantasy revealed itself uncensored to gaijin eyes.

Do you like huge boobs? Of course you do, why else would you click on a review of a game titled Funbag Fantasy? Well, if you’re in desperate need of some titillating titties, you’re in luck my friend, because Japanese eroge developer Waffle here made a game dedicated to those feminine mounds and MangaGamer has finally delivered it to the west. Originally released in 2009 to celebrate Waffle’s 10th anniversary, the Japanese title Kyonyuu Fantasy had eluded English readers for quite some time. Thankfully, the game was given a translated and uncensored release in 2016 under the name of Funbag fantasy. Entering a wide European-esque fantasy realm with a selection of huge breasted women, our hero is unexpectedly drawn into events of massive proportions.

Funbag Fantasy is played through the eyes of a young knight by the name of Lute Hende, who has arrived at his home country Edelland’s capital city Shoenburg for his graduation, finally becoming a royal knight. After sleeping in and missing the ceremony, he comes to the palace to quietly collect his certificate while lamenting the fact that he missed out on meeting the king and princess of Edelland. During this opening we’re introduced to most of the cast as they berate and belittle Lute for being the worst performer in his class. Funnily enough, he was last because the establishment couldn’t let the crown prince Bobon, a classmate of Lute, have the lowest score. Lute’s two classmates, Isis and Motaire, are particularly brutal in their disgust of our hero, ashamed to even be associated with him. The three generals of Edelland’s military comment on Lute being a black mark on the knights. This opening really hammers home Lute’s inadequacies, but his friendly and easy-going demeanor help the reader connect with him straight away; he really comes across as a genuinely kindhearted person undeserving of all this abuse.

Lute is still a man though and his inner desires are constantly flaunted whenever there’s a new buxom babe on the screen. Lute loves to get lost in the chests of the well-endowed women around him and even teases Isis, much to her disgust. In a courtyard scene, Motaire boastfully parades past Lute with two busty dancers fawning over him, another highlight of Lute’s lower standing as he could’ve been showered with women if he wasn’t such a failure. He has a brief pass by the princess and is in awe of her gargantuan chest. This, of course, happens when Lute sees any girl, but it’s a nice highlight for who we’ll be fucking later down the line. After being insulted in some way by almost everyone in the palace, Lute is stationed in the border town of Boan, considered a punishment for terrible knights due to how mundane it is with no prospects of ever moving up as a knight. The game truly begins here, as a demon is killing men around town, introducing us to our succubus heroine Shamsiel.

The demon element to Funbag Fantasy is the only real fantastical side to the world that the game sets itself up in and while the demons and their lineage do play a part in the story, it’s largely pushed to the wayside for most of the game. Beyond the demons, the meat of the setting is based more on an idealized medieval realm. The overarching narrative is of political power play with high stakes and rebellious plans falling into motion. The focus of the opening in Boan has the prefect Irboyne and his steward Madoise organizing to have Lute caught sleeping with Irboyne’s wife to have her executed for adultery, freeing him up and allowing him to focus on joining the rebellion and escape this border town he loathes. Of course, Lute ultimately rises through the ranks and sees many large breasted women as he winds up involved in the nation’s affairs.

Lute’s journey takes him all around Edelland and, as such, the game is relatively lengthy, clocking in around the 30+ hours range. The depth of content is great and it’s wonderful to be invested in a VN for longer, but as you play through the title, you’ll notice some endings feel far more rushed than others. For example, both ending options for the routes after you chose to stay as a royal knight feel incredibly rushed and premature in their conclusions, while the game continues for quite some time longer if you chose the promotion. The pacing of the game does feel more episodic, so it lends itself to periodic reading and the opening segment in Boan is exemplary of this: the manipulations from Irboyne and Madoise surrounding Lute’s romance with Roxanne is self-contained, while the ending itself springboards into the greater conflict.

Irboyne and Madoise are quite amusing sub-villains, scheming but failing in comic ways. For the opening segment of the game in Boan, they’re a perfect fit for the setting and their shortfalls are entertaining to watch. As an example, Irboyne and Madoise are attempting to catch Lute in bed with the Prefect’s wife Roxanne after Madoise hears them fucking, but when the two go to catch the lovers, the door is stuck and they can’t leave the office. This is naturally due to Shamsiel sealing the door with her demonic powers, and her amusement at their predicament mirrors the players.

There is some general magic use from various characters such as Shamsiel, but the greater parts of Lute’s progress is explained by humorous fortune of circumstance and the dumbest of luck; take for instance how Lute supposedly beats up three would-be assassins in his sleep from simply flailing his limbs while unconscious. Although he’s a bit of a clown most of the time Lute’s, maturity and rational thinking does shine through in an admirable way as he climbs the ranks of the royal guard. Shamsiel remains somewhat of an architect to Lute’s successes, due to her magical powers and incorporeal nature all along his journey. Oftentimes, she is simply snooping at others gathering clues due to her visibility being entirely at her own discretion.

Shamsiel as a character steals the show for most of the game. Her playful personality is brought to life brilliantly by her voice actress, Inoue Miyu (under her alias of Kanematsu Yuka in the credits). Her sultry tone is laced with suggestive inflection, while her giggling and cooing is adorable. It’s hardly surprising that Miyu here is a singer as well as a voice actress, given Shamsiel’s hypnotic speech. The other females in the game are all interesting in their own ways too, fulfilling particular tropes and fetishes, but Shamisel is always hovering around somewhere and all the time spent with her helps solidify her relationship to Lute. As the game progresses though, she tends to disappear for no reason other than for the game to give Lute time with the other girls. When she is around, she acts as a guardian angel to Lute in an almost motherly fashion.

Speaking of motherly, this game revels in breast milk. Lute will slurp down every girl’s milk in at least one scene with them. The girls themselves in these scenes also tend towards a nurturing, caretaker tenure in their attitudes. The Boan Prefect’s wife, in particular, embodies the lonely housewife cliche, with Lute falling for her mature charms. As a result of this, the sex throughout the game does end up feeling slightly repetitive for a while, particularly with Shamsiel. As great as the eroge is, this is a highly specific game when it comes to fetishes, revolving all around boobs. The scenes then, which there are many, do become somewhat predictable as they all hit the same notes while not venturing too far beyond the bossomy bounds dictated by the theme of the game. Almost every girl lactates somehow and every major girl at many points will give Lute a tit-fuck. All the penetration moments are angled in a specific way to highlight the huge breasts being groped in the process.

Obviously, if you like sucking and fondling breasts this is all well and good, but if you go into this expecting a lot of variety you’re going to be quite disappointed as this is all very vanilla. There are a couple more creative scenes, such as Isis being raped by tree tentacles or the introduction of the “split seed” but they’re the exception to the rule. There is a huge emphasis on breast groping and fondling and the art reflects this with a lot of really deep boob grabs in the sex scenes. Lute’s hands are really sinking into those milk bags. The malleability of the girls’ tits is nicely highlighted with stretching and squeezing to milk them.

The sexual dialogue during these scenes is more important than usual due to the homogeneous content, thankfully it’s all pretty amusing and serviceable. You’ll notice some recycled euphemisms, but overall the tone for each scene is character appropriate. All the girls have distinct personalities which comes into play in the sex dialogue, adding variety to the formula of the tit-fucks, blowjobs, and nipple sucking/breast play.

Having arrived in the west officially, Funbag Fantasy has naturally been uncensored now that Japanese law doesn’t apply and thankfully it’s not badly done. It’s always a welcome change to not have pixelated genitals getting in the way of the artwork. It’s great being able to see the full picture, especially when the art is as nice as it is here. The girls all have interesting fantasy medieval outfits and the sets for the dialogue are detailed and thematically appropriate, ranging from run-down brick estates to bustling cities and grandeur castles. Shamsiel’s succubus costume is leathery and smooth looking, along with being plenty revealing. Removing the pixelation helps a lot in admiring the women of the game as there are a lot of scenes pretty close up, Lute getting some paizuri action for example, can now be experienced unsullied.

A minor complaint rises from the character art used in dialogue sequences, where the breasts are too round. Most of the time, these tits are unreasonably perky for their size and in the case of Isis specifically, look akin to net-balls under her attire. Thankfully, this doesn’t extend into the actual sex scenes where the breasts have volume and look as if they have some weight to them.

The music is nice, but like all hentai VNs, it’s really not a huge impact on the quality of any of the other elements, existing simply to heighten the theme of the setting. The title theme used in-game will get stuck in your head without a doubt though, with its catchy and simple drum and trumpet melody.

Funbag Fantasy is a large and full visual novel perfect for your average rack lover. It hits a lot of the same notes consistently through the adventure, but the overall quality and volume of that content make it a cut above when it comes to worthwhile VNs. The story and world building is great with tension and intrigue in a sexually charged medieval world. If you’re looking for a wide variety of fancies to be tickled, you won’t find it here; however, if you’re in the scope of Waffle’s target audience, then you’re in for a real treat.

You can pick up a copy of Funbag Fantasy from MangaGamer for $44.95.


  • Interesting characters
  • Lovely artwork
  • lengthy and numerous sex scenes
  • Quality voice acting
  • Well-paced, lengthy game


  • Repetitive sex scenes
  • Some endings are very rushed
  • Story
  • Writing
  • Art and Graphics
  • Sound


Boobs boobs boobs, that's what this game is focused on and that's perfectly fine. Lots of groping them, fucking them, milking them, and dumping cum all over them.

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