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Konami Unveils Ecchi Bomberman Spin-off Bombergirl

Konami has revealed a new Bomberman spin-off arcade game during Japan Amusement Expo 2017. The newly announced Bombergirl focuses on cooperative versus play and good amount of fanservice.

Unveiled by Konami Amusement (Konami’s branch developing arcade, pachinko and pachislot machines) during the Japan Amusement Expo 2017 tradeshow, Bombergirl is a spin-off to the popular Bomberman franchise. At its core as a four versus four cooperative arcade game, Bombergirl tasks the players with demolishing the opposing team’s base by using playable characters known as Bombergirls. Each Bombergirl has a unique, cute and sexy look and comes with a unique set of abilities. Konami Amusement stated that the team combat in Bombergirl is highly strategic and is as fun to watch as it is to play.

Bombergirl is a bit more racy than what you’d expect from Bomberman normally. The characters have a lot of sex appeal are presented with a lot of tattered clothing from explosions and reveal a lot of singed and burnt skin to boot both when you lose your base’s core and when you take too much damage.

You can find a few screenshots of the arcade cabinet and the game itself just below this paragraph.

As the game’s homepage indicates, the characters in Bombergirl are separated into classes based on their role in the team. Four classes (Bomber, Blocker, Attacker and Shooter) have been revealed so far. As the characters on either team level up by gathering pickup items hidden in blocks and the overall Team Level rises, all Bombergirls on the particular team get access to their unique skills. The bigger the Team Level, the better skills you can use. For your reading pleasure, we have translated the short game synopsis and character bios along with their signature skills from the game’s official site.

Everyone have fun together! 4v4 Cooperative Competition!

“Hurry and destroy the base faster than your opponents! It’s a super hot explosive battle!”

Use skills to turn the tides of battle!

Cooperate with your teammates and seize victory!


Shiro (Bomber). She can set a lot of bombs.

Shio is aiming to be a bomb master, and is an ordinary Bombergirl. As long as she does her best, she has fun whether she wins or loses! She’s right in the spring of youth!

“Youth is explosive!”


Screw Bomb! (Needs Team Level 2)

Leaves a special bomb that’s explosion will pierce blocks.

Super Ultra Bomb! (Needs Team Level 5)

Leaves an extremely dangerous bomb that burns everything around it.

Momoko (Blocker). She can create blocks.

The leader of the super popular Bomberidol unit “Pretty Bombers.” She has a small chest, but big ambitions. She’s climbed her way to the top of the dog-eat-dog world of idols to reach her dream!

“Pupupu, I’ll make this a bloodbath♪”


Wall Momoko (Needs Team Level 1)

Creates 3 blocks right in front of Momoko

Healing Idol’s Voice (Needs Team Level 2)

Recover the HP of teammates and buildings around Momoko.

Oren (Attacker). She has high movement.

“Life is a Battle!” is her favorite phrase. This military Bombergirl loves fighting more than anything. She absolutely had to participate in this tournament, since so many strong Bombergirls are going to be there.

“Alright, you guys grit your teeth and hang in there!”


Dunk Blade (Needs Team Level 2)

Jump ahead a bit and do area damage there.

Rivols Rush (Needs Team Level 4)

Rushes forward with movement to fast to see and deals damage to the enemy player.

Emela (Shooter). She can attack from range.

A Bombergirl created for battle. She’s been customized to work as a maid, and had all but disappeared from the fighting circuit. But now she’s back…?

“Winning is my duty.”


Delta Thread (Needs Team Level 1)

Charges 3 energies. Every time you release one, it deals damage.

Omega Delete (Needs Team Level 5)

Unleashes a huge shot directly in front of you, which has a very large range. You won’t be able to move for a while due to the power of it.

Japanese publication 4Gamer managed to snap some film footage of the game in action at the JAEPO2017. You can view it below.

The character selection screen full of empty character slots in the video indicates there might be even more playable girls incoming soon, which would add even more variety to the explosive combat. Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait for more info to arise, as even the game’s release date hasn’t even been announced yet.

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