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Ever since Criminal Girls: Invite Only was announced for a western release, there has been a ton of contention over censorship. With some fan assistance, we might be closer to achieving the game in an unfiltered form.

There are a lot of folks out there who would love to play an RPG in which you can motivate your party members with a good spanking. Enter, Criminal Girls: the game which allows you to do just that, and judging by the pleasureful moans, these girlies love it. However, what if this game were to be released, but a publisher decided to remove the lust filled moans and completely obscure the visuals that accompany the spankings? Backlash — lots and lots of backlash.

In NIS America’s defense, the ESRB can be incredibly strict on unsavory sexual content. In fact, it was allegedly the ESRB who first recommended the removal of such content in the first place. This brings us to the recent Steam release. Considering that Steam is infinitely more lenient on such content, and does not even require a rating through the ESRB, there was little reason that an uncensored version couldn’t be published.

The only reason left for pushing this sanitized version of Criminal Girls: Invite Only onto Steam comes down to NIS America and their company policies. NIS could have easily posted an unrated version of the game onto steam; however, their company policies forbid the release of unrated games. To abide by company policy, NIS would have needed to submit the uncensored version to the ESRB, which would have cost money. Since most companies look to cut costs at every corner, we can only speculate that obtaining an English version of the game that had no content removed, was not seen as cost effective.

Comparison between censored and uncensored versions of Criminal Girls: Invite Only

Prior to the Steam release of Criminal Girls: Invite Only, and after hearing that it would be censored, there was a petition created by Censored Gaming back in September to get an uncensored Steam release for Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors. Prinny Supervisor, a staff member at NIS, said in a forum post that there would be no promises, but encouraged fans to sign it. As of this moment, the petition hasn’t yet reached the 5,000 signature goal. There’s no saying for sure as to whether this is from lack of interest or if no one knew of its existence (we didn’t hear about it until today). If you are interested in seeing future releases without censorship, you should consider signing.

There is still some good news. Modder DoritoDew has reported in the Steam forums, that they have already successfully removed the pink mist effect. Currently, the Criminal Girls: Invite Only community is working to get the original Japanese voices for the motivation scenes, so we may soon have the complete game after all. NIS America is also openly welcoming modders to patch the game as they see fit.

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Lastly, a special shout out to Link_Xp4444 who tipped us off to the petition in the comment section.

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