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Visual novel publisher MangaGamer has announced a special sale for Valentine’s Day, which is aptly named “VNtines”.

For many, Valentine’s Day is a special, romantic day to spend time and spoil your special someone, or for some, a day to work up the courage to approach that man or woman they’ve had their eye on. For those of you who are looking forward to spending their V-Day with a 2D partner, MangaGamer has discounted several of their titles up to 50% off. The sale includes a wide variety of romance, nukige, otome, yuri, and BL titles for you to find your perfect guy or gal to wine and dine.

February 10th, 2017–MangaGamer Announces Big #VNtines Sale!

Love is in the air this Valentine’s Day, and MangaGamer is offering some sweet deals on Visual Novels so treat yourself and your partner to some of the best Visual Novels available!

Pick up some of the most romantic titles released in English at seductive prices all week long, until February 17th, with select titles up to 50% off!

Full details on titles and discounts are available on their website at http://mangagamer.org/vntines/

MangaGamer is even offering special Valentines Days cards to gift to your loved ones on their blog: http://blog.mangagamer.org/2017/02/10/celebrate-vntines-with-us/

Check it out to find the perfect Visual Novel themed Valentine’s Day card for you and your loved one, regardless of orientation!

For your reading pleasure and convenience, we’ve put together a list of all of the titles we’ve reviewed that are included in the sale to help you find your valentine’s sweetheart. You can check out the reviews below:

NO, THANK YOU!!! – 3/5

Eroge! Sex and Games Make Sexy Games 3.5/5

Deardrops – 4/5

Eden* PLUS + MOSIAC – 4/5

The Menagerie – 3/5

The Stargazers– 3/5

Quest Failed Chapter One – 2.5/5

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