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Imouto Paradise - double fellatio

Review: Imouto Paradise

Some eroge are meant to tell a story, some are created as an experiment in mixing sex and gameplay, and some are just intended to be interactive masturbation material. Imouto Paradise unquestionably falls into that last category, and it’s brilliant.

Imouto Paradise has a simple if not completely nonexistent story. Souichirou’s father is away in Egypt, and he’s left to spend summer vacation alone with his five younger sisters. That’s it. It’s essentially a slice of life visual novel. With that, it’s most definitely a nukige. If you were to remove the adult scenes from this title, there would be almost nothing left.

Imouto Paradise - not gross

How does a visual novel with no real story work? Basically, each day you pick which sister you want to spend time with. Since all of his sisters are deeply in love with him, things usually go from zero to hardcore pornography in no time flat. You see, Souichirou’s sisters aren’t just fond of him, they are in a constant and aggressive pursuit of his cock. While some of them try to hide that fact, their true intentions come out the moment they’re alone with him — or sometimes when they find the opportunity to get away with it without the other sisters knowing.

Imouto Paradise - get out

Of course, Koharu simply doesn’t give a damn.

Aside from the brother/sister incest that so many otaku desire, the personalities of the little sisters are the main appeal. Each one of them has her own very specific brand of moe. That in itself would be more than enough to sell Imouto Paradise to most people, but there’s more to it.

Rather than have every route go through the same motions as the last with little variation, the developers took to opportunity to give each sister different fetishes and desires. I should also mention, while Souichirou’s sisters pine for his D, it’s not exactly like he’s fighting them off either. For any sister that plays coy, Souichirou makes the necessary advances to ensure something perverted happens.

Imouto Paradise - it figures

What brother hasn’t asked his little sister for a penis massage?

Aya is the eldest sister. She is careful to hide her extraordinary affections for her big brother while in public but gets kinky when she’s alone. The moment she finds out her feelings for Souichirou are not unrequited as she thought, she becomes quite wild. Scenes with her often carry out as role-playing sessions, where she works to service her brother at any cost.

Imouto Paradise - aya sex

Rio, the second oldest, is a tsundere type. She pretends to hate her brother (duh), but this leads to some very interesting sex scenes. Rio is one of the girls who needs a bit of a “push” to do lewd things. Since Rio will typically refuse sex out right, Souichirou convinces her to do “odd jobs.” He fucks her knees, her feet, and even her hair. I appreciate his creativity and the entirety of Rio’s story route.

Imouto Paradise - pit fucker

Oh, her armpit. He fucks that too.

Michika is the middle sister. She begins as a kuudere, but warms up as she and Souichirou get closer. She’s also into domination. Scenes with her go from forced blowjobs to her railing her brother with a strap on. Souichirou becomes the bottom very quickly during Michika’s route.

Imouto Paradise - strap on 2

Lastly, we have the twins: Koharu and my personal favorite, Hiyori. Outgoing Koharu gets off on teasing her brother, while shy Hiyori likes to be teased by him. Koharu’s scenes are pretty random, but mostly focus on conning her brother into sex, lest she embarrass him publicly. On the other hand, Hiyori gets involved in a lot of public sex as Souichirou coerces her into them.

Imouto Paradise - twincest

Twincest is wincest.

When you play Imouto Paradise, you really have to pick a girl and stick with her. There isn’t a hidden point system in place which determines your relationship. Instead, you have to spend all your time with one specific sister, or you won’t unlock the second half of the game which continues their route. If you deviate from a single sister path, it results in an uneventful game over. There is a tiny bit of leeway here, but not much. Alternatively, you can also pick no one. Refusing to pick a sister at all will prompt them to swarm Souichirou in groups. Since their perverted brother isn’t actively trying to molest them, they assume he’s sick and want to offer some sexual healing.

Imouto Paradise -choose one making you better feeling

Considering that you have to make your choice right at the beginning, Imouto Paradise does a good job of demonstrating the sisters’ personalities before you are forced to make your first choice. The first day acts almost as a series of interviews for each of the girls, as you interact with each of them one by one. The developers certainly knew what they were doing, and that fact extends to this title’s mechanics as well.

A nice feature that Imouto Paradise adds is an “Orgasm Countdown.” During the sex scenes, there are multiple orgasms. For those out there who like to time their ejaculations to that of the in-game characters, you will find this feature very beneficial. When you are nine clicks away from seeing them cum, the countdown will appear on-screen. Each click counts the timer down until climax. It’s a nifty idea, and more visual novels should include it.

Imouto Paradise -final countdown

Another feature I was surprised to see involved the animations. While it doesn’t happen during all of the scenes, some have looping animations. These animations, combined with the incredibly lewd voice acting and moaning, make for a splendid experience. Even if you don’t understand the Japanese, the emotion in their voices does wonders for putting you in the mood. Also, the backlog feature will let you replay previously spoken dialogue.

Imouto Paradise - backlog

I already said it before, but it bears repeating: Imouto Paradise is meant as pure masturbation material, and it’s masterful at being just that. If you’re into brother and sister stuff, this title is an absolute A+. That’s not to say that is without certain downsides. 

One of the biggest issues I had while playing this for a review was actually the fact that this was just porn. It was bad because I could only read so much before I was at my limit. There’s only so much porn I can handle in a day. Now from a consumer standpoint, this is almost nothing but a positive, but you will most likely feel a similar fatigue if you try to binge play this. At the very least, it will detract from the experience.

Imouto Paradise - yiff in hell

In any case, while it may suck that there isn’t a more involving story to enjoy, the fact that you have an abundance of high-quality porn in a single game is a blessing all of its own. The best way to enjoy Imouto Paradise, would be to treat it as if it was a series stories — almost like a series of hentai manga. Read one or two episodes a day, and save the rest for later. 

Another great thing about Imouto Paradise is the incredible replay value. Not only do you get an expansive variety of sex types — and not only do you get a well-varied cast of characters — but you also get another great feature: the replay scene feature. Unlike most visual novels that unlock simple gallery images for you to ogle, Imouto Paradise allows you to replay your choice of scene in its entirety. This lets you reread the story while hearing all of that wonderful voice acting.

Imouto Paradise - the usual suspects

Imouto Paradise was originally released in English back in 2014. You can pick it up from MangaGamer for $44.95. While I would say it is certainly worth that price, at the time of writing it’s on sale, both the physical and digital versions, for $33.71. If you like little sisters, you’re going to adore Imouto Paradise.

Imouto Paradise - double fellatio
Pros Cons

- Top notch visual novel porn

- Amazingly lewd voices

- High replay value

- So much sex and so much variety

- The sex scenes are expertly written and exceptionally tantalizing

- The little sisters will all tug at your heart

- The plot is as paper thin as it gets

- While the grammar errors are few and far between, they still exist

- Soundtrack isn't bad, but it lacks variety

- The fact that you essentially have to pick just one girl, or miss out on most of the game makes the choice screen seem more like a trap than a real choice.

- The sex scenes are very long and can feel like they are dragging out at times.

Replay Value
Art And Graphics


Imouto Paradise is absolutely amazing. Unlike another game I can think of which promised a ton of sex, here they actually deliver. The CGs show the slight variations or sweat, blush, and cum that you expect in high-quality visual novels. There's enough goodness in here to satisfy pretty much any hentai fan.

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  • Zero-A1

    Yup, this game is great fap material, it’s a shame that MangaGamer licensed the inferior 2011 version of the game,the 2013 “H Anime Enhanced Edition” that included more animated loops than the original it’s a lot better.

    I’m really looking forward to Imouto Paradise 2 decensored english release,that one is far superior to the first in my opinion, It’s a shame that Moonstone Cherry went silent after the release of Demon Busters back in 2014, I really need my fix of new animated eroge illustrated by Itou Life.

    But we are already in 2017 and Moonstone Cherry haven’t announced anything…things look grim.

    • Aliens_Of_Gold

      I believe that version was on the table at one point, but after they discovered some scenes didn’t work well uncensored they opted for the original version.

      There was a thread about it, I think on the mangagamer forums (?) that showed some uncensored examples of animated scenes we didn’t get and they were missing areas (mainly his junk). I remember one of them being the first scene with Aya taking it up the arse. God damn that looked good uncensored (minus the missing junk).

      I think the excuse given at the time was Moonstone not wanting to commit resources to fixing the animations so we got stuck with the old version. I still love it all the same, I even bought a Japanese copy of the enhanced version since it’s basically devoid of story.

      I only hope the second game doesn’t suffer from the same issues.

      EDIT: Pretty sure it was MangaGamer’s old forums.

      • Zero-A1

        Wow thanks for that info, I didn’t know that happened, maybe Moonstone made a “quick job” with the original non animated CG and that problem happened but thanks to the mosaic the customers didn’t notice.

        Well the 2013 version was for making a quick buck before the release of Imouto Paradise 2, and no enhanced version of 2 was made so we can enjoy the best and only version of it, at least it has more animations than the original Imouto Paradise (Not that the animations are the only good thing in the game, but I really love loop animations in my games…that’s the reason I like games from Softhouse-seal GRANDEE, Ultimate Boob Wars and the Zettai series are some of my favorite Nukige)

  • DarkMerc

    I really did enjoy playing this game. It was fantastically drawn with so many good characters to choose from, though Aya was my favorite. I’m extremely excited for Imouto Paradise 2 and can’t wait to grab it. Great review.

  • FALprofessional

    Yup. That’s about right. The second season of the hentai was better than the first, though. If you can it a season. Mmm. Very good.

    • You like garbage more than good hentai?
      The first season not only was faithful to the VN, it had better animation and art.

      • FALprofessional

        I just preferred it. I understand that it was faithful, but I didn’t care for either the art style or animation. I wouldn’t consider it garbage. I would just consider it a different approach to the same concept. Doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. To each his own, and all that “sheet.”

  • Murakami Teruaki did a great job with the hentai.
    This VN is great by itself anyway, one of the better nukige.

  • GroovyPotato

    Oh yeah, I remember Michika stockings :p. Good game!

  • Fitz

    I’m more of a “story that also has porn” kind of guy, rather than a “straight up porn” guy, but I’m also hugely into imoutos, and I think this one just won me, all imoutos, the cast is pretty varied in both appearance and fetishes, and the MC isn’t dense as a rock.
    I’ll be picking this up, great review man.

  • strikezero01 .
    • Fire Wolf

      waht is this hentai

      • strikezero01 .

        yeah.. I just can’t remember the title, but I know it the second episode

      • Some Asshole

        Anoko to Iikoto episode 2