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The modders who have set out to restore Criminal Girls to its uncensored glory have met another milestone. The newest mod restores the Japanese voices and adds another bonus.

The latest update in the Criminal Girls: Invite Only saga is a promising one. The modders were able to restore the Japanese voices to the motivation scenes. No longer do players need to beat girls in eerie silence. In addition to getting the voices back intact, this new voice mod has been combined with the smoke-clearing mod. Both mods can now be installed in one painless process. The smoke mod has also been slightly altered, in that it can now be toggled on and off with CTRL+S.

Now that the game is almost fully restored, another bonus was added — blindfolds. Blindfolds were apparently a pre-order bonus for the Japanese Vita edition of Criminal Girls: Invite Only. This mod allows for the girls to be blindfolded during the motivation sequences. Press CTRL+B to activate it prior to entering the motivation scene.

With these latest mods, the next item on the list would be to change the in-game text. Motivation was once known as “Punishment” in the Japanese release., but all instances of the term “punishment” had been altered. Early attempts to remedy this have proven ineffective, so now all we can do is wait. Of course, if you’re a modder yourself, they are accepting help. If you’d like to help out or just get the mod for yourself, visit the Steam forum.

PC owners can pick up Criminal Girls: Invite Only for $19.99 on Steam. A bundle of a digital artbook and soundtrack is also available for $9.98. It’s only compatible with Windows platforms.

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