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Mutant Games, a developer based in Spain, is working on a game that blends strategy and sex. Their game is called Girls on Tanks, and they are looking for some assistance in funding this passion project.

Girls on Tanks is a free-to-play tactical strategy game which draws a lot of inspiration from Advance Wars. From its aesthetics to its gameplay, that similarities are undeniable, but Mutant Games claims that they’re bringing much more to the formula. For starters, they are adding elements from card battle games and — unlike Advance Wars — you can have sex with your commanders.

Having sex with your commanders isn’t just for show, it’s what you do to level them up and unlock new powers. The sex scenes are not just an animation that you passively watch. They are fully interactive, and as the trailer describes, you get to “fuck every angle.”

Girls on Tanks is described as follows:

After a devastating war, known as the Heartland War, a new conflict between 4 factions of the world has arisen.

The forces of Nimeria have discovered the strongest mineral known to man on their land. This mineral allows for the reinforcement of vehicles and armors, creating indestructible armies. But Winter’s Blood army wants to control these resources in order to create and improve their ultimate weapon.

Become the General of the Global Defense Force! Command your army! Collect and equip the sexiest officers!

Girls on Tanks is a (+18) turn-based strategy game, which brings a never before seen depth to the genre. Can you survive more than 100 battle maps?

Mutant Games explains on their Kimochi page that the heart of the game is mostly completed. Any funds they raise are going to be spent polishing the game to a point they are happy with. They also mention that if the game doesn’t reach full funding it will still be completed, but any funding they do get will accelerate the process. Here is a list of this features planned for Girls on Tanks.

-  – Story Mode: Play through 5 territories with 80 unique levels that introduce you to the gameplay, characters, and the world of Girls on Tanks.

-  – Multiplayer Mode: Once you’ve mastered the mechanics on the game, join one of the 4 factions and help your peers compete in a weekly faction war.

-  – More than 100 levels to beat in Campaign and Factions War mode, with even more new modes and events to soon follow.

-  – 14 Unique Unit types: Take command of a wide range of military forces, from Rocket Artillery and Motorbikes to Bombers and Helicopters.

-  – Commanders and Officers: Choose a Commander as the leader of your forces and 3 officers to complete your squad. Each officer levels up the more they are used, and the more variety is added to your gameplay. Unlock and collect new officers with new skills, level them up and don’t forget to equip them wisely.

-  – Interactive sex scenes: Level up your officers to boost their powers, and unlock incredible animated sex scenes!

If the campaign reaches the $7,500 goal, Mutant Games plans to add more with their stretch goals. At $15,000, they will add more events, officers, and expand the in-game world of Girls on Tanks. At $20,000, they will add achievements and leaderboards. If they can make it to $25,000, Mutant Games will create a PVP online multiplayer mode. Finally, they will develop a mobile version if their funding reaches $30,000. Additional goals may be added if the campaign surpasses that last goal.

Mutant Games also has a custom soundtrack in the works by composer Damián Sanchez. He has created soundtracks for previous games including Blue & Bullets, Supermagical, Rise & Shine, Fist of Jesus, JetBee. You can sample some of the tracks on Soundcloud below:

Main theme

Chapter 1 GDF theme

Chapter 2 Revolution Warriors theme

Chapter 3 Yokai Division theme

Chapter 4 Winter’s Blood theme

Lastly, with crowdfunding comes rewards. The backer rewards include desktop wallpapers, beta access, starter decks with a Kimochi-only girl, digital art books, the game soundtrack, credit for the game’s store, t-shirts, signed prints, your name in the credits, the ability to name a characters, or the opportunity to design your own character and her sex scene. If all goes well, Mutant Games intends for the game to be released by May 2017 for PC, Mac and Linux. You can read the full details on the Kimochi campaign page . More information on Mutant Games can be found on their website.

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Sexualize everything!

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