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GeeSeki is developing the adult adventure title, A Town Uncovered. Have some spooky and sexy encounters in your new hometown.

GeeSeki is a one-person development team working on the adult adventure game, A Town Uncovered. This game places you in the role of a high school senior who is getting a new start after moving to a new town. While the protagonist and his family are adjusting to their new lives, he notices that some things in the town may be amiss.

This sort of humor is pretty consistent throughout the story so far.

At this moment, A Town Uncovered is in its very early alpha stages. If you play it now, you can get a feel for its unique aesthetic,  humor, and the manner in which it plays. GeeSeki tells us exactly what to expect from the current build.

What should I expect at this stage of the development? (Alpha 0.03 – The Milkshake Update)

+9 Characters

+17 Locations

+5,700 words

+Day/Night Cycle

+Point System

+Phone Contacts

+1 Character Side Story (Minor)

+2 Softcore H-Scenes

+3 Hardcore H-Scenes

+About 30 Minutes Gameplay (For first time players)

So far, GeeSeki has been keeping his promise. He has been making regular updates to A Town Uncovered and keeping the supporters of his Patreon up-to-date. You can grab the latest public alpha for Windows and Mac from this link.

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