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Yume Creations Launches Kimochi Campaign for Yuri Clicker

Yume Creations has just launched a crowdfunding campaign for their visual novel and clicker hybrid, Yuri Clicker.

Kimochi continues to grow as more and more developers flock to the adult-friendly crowd funding site.Today, we introduce Yuri Clicker, a visual novel/clicker hybrid by Yume Creations. While the thought of a clicker game mixed with another genre may seem odd at first, we have to remember the successful clicker/dating sim, Crush Crush. Here’s a summary of the story in Yuri Clicker:

Kisara Yamashiro is a freshman at Harusaku All Girls Academy. On her first day at the academy she get’s lost and nobody wants to help her. She ends up in an empty classroom and see’s a beautiful older girl, reading a book. Her name is Yuri Sasaki, a third yeat student. Without hesitation Yuri helps Kisara to find the right way. Kisara is fascinated by Yuris appearance and starts to develop feeling for her. But Kisara isn’t alone, Yuri is actually very famous and popular at the academy and alot of girls have a crush on her.  One day Kisara is brave enough to write Yuri a love letter but get’s disturbed by a spectacled girl. She is Miya Odagiri, Yuris classmate and leader of the Yuri Admiration Society. A secret club full of girls who are in love with Yuri and protect her against danger. Kisara decides to join the club to protect her beloved senpai.

The story has some inconsistencies with the character profiles, so one can only assume that there’s a bit more to it. If you read the character profiles below, you’ll see what I mean. The part that stands out is how the protagonist supposedly dislikes the YAS, but also joins them. The campaign also has a demo for PC, Mac and Linux, but it doesn’t address the matter about the inconsistencies.

Yuri Clicker’s campaign has a $5,000 goal and officially ends on March 13th. To help reach that goal, they have offered various rewards. They are offering all the rewards you’d expect to see, like wallpapers, a copy of the game, your name in the credits, the game soundtrack and things of that nature, but they are also offering some bigger rewards as well. High-level backers can get a physical dakimakura and even design in-game characters.

There have also been some stretch goals set. At $6,000, they will add custom backgrounds, and at $7,000, the character Nanaka Aihara will get her own route. If Yuri Clicker only reaches its base funding amount, Yume Creations plans for the game to have the following features:

- Different Endings

- Visual Novel and Clicker Gameplay

- Cute Anime-Styled Art

- Girl’s Love Only

- 18+ Sex Scenes

- Available for Windows, Mac and Linux

- 1920 x 1080 HD Resolution

If you are interested in checking out the campaign or possibly the demo, head over to the game’s Kimochi page.

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