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Illusion Returns With a Brand New VR Kanojo Video

Illusion has just released the most comprehensive VR Kanojo trailer thus far on YouTube and the game’s own website.

A few weeks ago, Illusion posted some brand new teaser videos for VR Kanojo to their YouTube channel. Unfortunately, before we got a chance to report on them, YouTube nuked their channel, and those videos were lost to us. Just the other day, however, they went ahead and created a new channel and uploaded another new video. If you’re worried about another channel termination, fear not, as Illusion also uploaded the new video to their own server as well. If any brave YouTube Heroes try to smite the channel again, the videos will be kept safe. It’s a good thing too, because this one is rather lewd. Just watch for yourself.


As the video shows us, the girl’s biggest enemies are cockroaches, fans, and tea. Frankly, I thought she handled the cockroach way better than I would have. We also get the see the various outfits she can wear and a brief glimpse as to what she looks like without an outfit at all. It’ll also be interesting to see if you are able to help her out in some sort of minigame or if you just passively watch her suffer.

Hopefully, now that Illusion has begun to upload videos outside of YouTube, the previews will get a whole lot lewder. With the February 28th release date being just around the corner, now would be prime time to show some hotter action. In addition to this video, Illusion has uploaded some of the original VR Kanojo videos to their own server as well. You can view them once again on the VR Kanojowebsite . There have also been additions to their Concept page.

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