Putting the "Joy" back in joystick

MangaGamer has just released School Idol QT Cool, a visual novel focused on traps, idols, and some light female domination.

In a move that seemingly came out of nowhere, MangaGamer has added a brand new title to their store — School Idol QT Cool. This visual novel is about two crossdressing boys in the school idol club and their large breasted, dominating club president.

The current idol boom isn’t just for girls!

When the young man, Haruka, gets hoodwinked into his school’s waning idol club by a “girl” he likes, Akaru, and the female president, Aya, he’s forced to join their idol team and dress the part in girlish attire for their performances! Will he stand up to Aya’s overly forward advances? Will he fall for Akaru, despite “her” surprise?

The road to stardom is paved with sexy accidents!


A first year student at Hyakumangoku Academy. A young boy who has a bit of a complex about his girlish features.

Dressed up like a girl, he adopts the idol persona of ”Haruka”. Together with Akaru, they from the School Idol group ”QT Cool”.

Height: 159cm Weight: 52kg B : 81cm(AAA) W : 62cm H : 76cm

Birthday: June 11th Blood Type: O

Akaru Yoshikawa

Enrolling in the academy as a female, Akaru is every bit a woman in both her outward appearance and personality. A woman of few words, she can sound a bit disinterested when she speaks. She doesn’t leave much of an impression on people.

Fearful that her guise will be revealed, she tends to stay at an arm’s length from others.

Height: 159cm Weight: 50kg B : 78cm(AAA) W : 53cm H : 72cm

Birthday: April 7th Blood Type: A

Aya Kuriyama

Always smiling, she conveys a calm, cool personality. However, deep down she possesses a sharp tongue and has a penchant for vulgar things. She loves cute girls and sexually harassing them, our hero in particular falling prey to her schemes time and time again.

From writing songs to creating costumes and editing music videos, she is a multi-talented producer for the duo.

Height: 167cm Weight: 58kg B : 88cm(E) W : 59cm H : 87cm Birthday: August 4th Blood Type: AB

As the game’s page itself states, “I couldn’t make this up if I tried.” Fans of crossdressing don’t get a lot of love, so it’s nice to see this addition. School Idol QT Cool is available right now for $14.95 from MangaGamer. The title is only compatible with Windows computers.

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