If you build it, they will cum

The team at Bad Kitty Games has released update 0.26.4 for Harem Collector. Included is an easy mode and a new character named Diadira.

The team over at Bad Kitty Games has been hard at work at their H-RPG Harem Collector since we put out a preview of the game nearly two years ago. This week, they announced one of the largest updates to the game since we first covered the game.

Prior updates have added features such as new homes for players and a new game plus. One notable update though has been the introduction of 2D sex images to the game, as prior versions of the game used the 3DCustomGirl program to make the CGs. Some of the original images have already been replaced, and the Bad Kitty team plans to continue until the game uses entirely CGs.

On the gameplay front, it offers numerous changes to the UI, an easy mode for one-handed players, and a newly refined elemental damage and resistance system.

Additionally, this update boasts that it offers the final recruitable party member, an idol named Diadira who fills the traditional Bard archetype. For the article, we contacted NoMoshing, the team leader of Bad Kitty Games, to clarify if this means Diadira is the last capturable girl.

NoMoshing, offered his assurances that even if this is the game’s final addable combat party member, there are still plans to include more fuckable slaves to add to your harem in this version of the game. They just won’t be combat playable.

To check out the new version of the game, you should head to Bad Kitty Games’ blog . You can find their Patreon here, if you feel inclined to support them.

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