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Kimochi crowdfunding projects are the latest trend in adult gaming. Today, we have another interesting project which popped up on the site by developer Tiny Hat. The project they bring us is a game called Dimlight City: Brothel Builder.

Dimlight City: Brothel Builder is a free-to-play game where, as the name says, you build your very own brothel in an effort to save the city from evil robot hookers. If everything goes well with the project, it will be available on Nutaku in its full adult glory, with an “all ages” version planned for Steam and mobile devices.


Tiny Hat is a team of specialists and industry professionals who want to challenge themselves by making a high-quality adult title. They promise Dimlight City: Brothel Builder will have various features to make it a complete package. A dynamic building system will be in place to actually build your brothel, and players will be able to recruit talented ladies to work for them. The monetization system is one that allows for players to play continuously without paying to refill gimmicky stamina meters. They also plan to add a charming story to Dimlight City: Brothel Builder, which isn’t something normally seen in such titles. For more details on the game, read on below:

Ever wanted to run a brothel? Now you can! Put on your inventor’s cap and design your very own cathouse with our easy to use drag-and-drop building system! If you can dream it up, you can probably build it!

With over 20 types of rooms to unlock as you rise through the guild rankings, the possible combinations are endless! What will you end up creating? A giant mega-tower, a sprawling mansion, or even a lavish pyramid? The choice is yours!

A brothel is only as good as the talented Gals who work there! Scout out the sexiest Gals and ask them to work for you!

Watch them get down-and-dirty for you back at the brothel.

Train them to improve their technique and earn yourself even greater renown with the guild! Things will definitely be getting steamy! ;O

As your reputation grows, so too does the number of VIP clients seeking your services. Make an impression and ensure your influential clientele keep coming back!

Train and customize your Gals to meet their preferred tastes.

It doesn’t end there though. In the dog eat dog world of the sex industry, your competition is stiff. Do whatever you must in order to stay ahead of the competition by sending your Gals to spy, seduce, and sabotage.

Since when does being a porn game mean we can’t put effort into our world and characters?

Meet a variety of interesting and unique NPCs from across the game-world.

Learn about the lore and world events through subtle hints and witty dialogue- not text dumps!

The world lives and breaths alongside the community, watch as time passes through a continuous and steady stream of story updates.

Get the MMO patch experience- without the other players!

Players will be able to trade Stolen Panties (earned either in game or with real money) for Savor Crates.  Inside every crate is a randomized arrangement of in-game customization options ranging from brothel locations to unique Gals or even room skins!

Stolen Panties can also be acquired in-game at a reasonable rate. No gimmicky energy systems to get in the way of the game here, just get a bunch of cool cosmetics faster!

By backing us during our Kimochi Campaign, you’ll not only be supporting Dimlight City, but will also be able to lock in Savor Crates at a discounted rate! It’s a win-win situation for all involved!

Do it for the Gals, they’d surely thank you if they could. Probably with sex.

What? You want to know about us? D’aww, you shouldn’t have.

Our team is comprised of specialists and industry professionals from across the field of video games and animation.

While we value our privacy, we can at least say that you’re probably familiar with some of our work.  When we set out to make this game, we wanted to bring as much of a professional and complete touch to the world of adult games as possible.

Experienced adult content creators also grace our team, such as the talented Sexums who is the team’s writer. Make sure to check out some of their previous and current projects on their blog!

We hope our game will make big enough waves to up the standard of quality for the adult gaming market as a whole. We love animated adult material and we want to make sure the industry has a chance to grow.

If you want to speak to us, feel free to drop in and say hi to us on Discord , or our thread over at Undertow!

Tiny Hat is well aware of the unusual nature of asking for money to develop a free-to-play game. On their Kimochi page, they go into detail about how they will be using the funds to make Dimlight City: Brothel Builder an even better game. They wish to add more rooms, backdrops, and even an original soundtrack. Backers will also receive additional rewards, including their name in the game, a custom gal, or even a spot at their real brothel launch party in Nevada.

So, we’re an already in-development free-to-play game, yet we’re asking for $20,000. How do you know we’re not going to spend all of that money on hookers and blow? More importantly, how will us getting money end up benefitting you?Worry not, for we have a couple of beautiful illustrations here to show you exactly what you’ll be getting in exchange for your support and dedication to our noble (and sexy) cause!

With more funding, we’d be able to keep some of our contract-based artists around for longer to produce additional content such as rooms and brothel backdrops for us. If the amount of overall content we can put in the game goes up, then the proportional amount of content available to free players also goes up. While the actual profits of the game will go towards further additional premium content and events, the funding acquired during Kimochi will specifically go towards the expansion of mainline game content.

A brothel is nice, but you know what’s really kinky? A dungeon! Should we fulfill our expanded $30,000 goal, we will allow players to build dungeons under their brothels! What’s the difference? Dungeons will be able to have all sorts of fetish-based rooms such as gloryholes, wallbutts, seesaws, BDSM crosses, and dominatrix lairs. While we aim for our game to remain lighthearted, we aren’t afraid to add slightly darker and more niche content such as these room types.

Additionally if we meet our goal we will hold a backer only poll to see what kind of fetish content you guys would like to see added. Unfortunately, our relationship with credit card processors also means we can’t do anything too extreme, however we’ll give it a shot!

Music is very, very, expensive. However, we would love to be able to hire someone to work with us in order to create a full original score for Dimlight City. Given our aspirations to reach the highest possible production values for a porn game, we feel an OST which doesn’t rely on stock samples and actually holds up on its own would add greatly to our game. Should we manage to reach this stretch goal, a .zip download of the OST will be made available to all backers upon launch.

There is a $20,000 goal for this particular project, so if you’d like to help out, feel free to visit the Dimlight City: Brothel BuilderKimochi page. Tiny Hat has more details there, as well as a summary on the risks and challenges in developing the game. There are also a lot of supplementary resources for information on Dimlight City: Brothel Builder, including the official website and Tiny Hat’s blog.

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