If it's a hole, it's a goal.

Visual novel developer and publisher Frontwing has released their title, Corona Blossom Vol. 3 Journey to the Stars, on Steam.

With the release of Volume 3, the Corona Blossom trilogy has finally been completed and released for both the English and Japanese markets. For those of you unfamiliar with Corona Blossom, you can check out all of our previous coverage on the previous volume releases here.

While the J-list page for the 18+ patch showcases CGs with mosiacs, you will be pleased to know that like with Vol. 2, Journey to the Stars is fully uncensored. However, the first volume of the trilogy still contains mosaics, and it is unknown as to whether or not Frontwing will go back and decensor Vol. 1 in the future. In addition to featuring uncensored CGs, the game also features animated sprites, utilizing the e-mote system, and H-scenes.

For your reading pleasure, below you will find the game’s OP, synopsis, and sample CGs:

R-ne: a cute, shapeshifting metallic lifeform who one day fell from space. Keiji Osaki: a young man with a mysterious past, now working at a mech garage.

After growing close through adventures and mishaps throughout the summer, the two of them made a promise: to return R-ne to her home planet.

To that end, Keiji has steadily been working on a plan together with space pirate Lily, and his coworker at the garage, Kumiko.

But Ms. Kanade’s big reveal has thrown a spanner in the works.

The people of Hanma Town must now do battle against a mysterious organization that’s after R-ne. Time is running out for Keiji and his friends!

Will they ever be able to return R-ne to space? And is that really the right move?

The thrilling conclusion to R-ne’s journey is finally here!

You can grab Corona Blossom Vol. 3 Journey to the Stars on Steam here for $8.99, and the 18+ patch for the game on J-List here for $10.39. In celebration of the trilogy’s completion, Frontwing is currently discounting volumes 1 and 2 on Steam until January 30th. You can grab Vol. 1 here  for $7.49 and Vol. 2 here for $7.99. You can grab Vol. 1 and Vol. 2‘s patches for $9.38 and $10.39.

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