If you build it, they will cum

Developers 月Ware (TsukiWare) have started their first crowdfunding campaign on Kimochi for two yuri focused adult games.

The first of the two titles is The Tower of Five Hearts, a fantasy-themed yuri game hosting a selection of animal girls. The second title, Virtual Ro:Mance, is set in a near-future science fiction setting exploring intimate virtual reality. There is also a third game in the works; Anima Shift, which is a male to female gender-bending adult title. Depending on the results of this campaign, Anima Shift may be crowdfunded. Both titles are being developed in Unity and are being published by MangaGamer.

This campaign is focused on funding two upcoming titles that are closest to release: “The Tower of Five Hearts” and “Virtual Ro:Mance.” Both are yuri titles—one set in a Fantasy world, the other a near-future sci-fi world. We have a third project in the works as well: Anima Shift—a MTF genderbender title. Depending on how well we do on Kimochi, we may bring that title here as well.

The Crowdfunding aims for a goal of $3000 over the next forty days, finishing on March 8th.

As you can tell, we have a wide assortment of interests amongst our writers, and we intend to produce high-quality games in a wide variety of genres; however, if we want to make this dream a reality, we need your help! We have an excellent publisher backing us, MangaGamer, now we just need you!

Our initial goal is $3,000. This amount will cover the art and music assets, as well as cover the remaining costs for both projects. We are doing all of the writing and programming in-house. Both projects are around the 40% completed mark, with a vast majority of the sprite work already finished, as well as some backgrounds, music, and CGs.

Story and character details for both titles can be found below:

You can check out Tsukiware’s crowdfunding campaign on Kimochi here, which, again, is finishing on March 8th. You can also check out TsukiWare’s previous work, Critical Hit, on MangaGamer and can follow them on Tumblr , Twitter , and Patreon for more info.

If you enjoy our content here and would like to support us then please consider donating to our Patreon , you can also follow us on Twitter and Tumblr to keep up to date on news and announcements.

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