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MangaGamer has just opened pre-orders for the adults-only bullet hell shooting game, Chaosrise.

Multiword Software’s bullet hell shooting game, Chaosrise, will be released on MangaGamer next week, January 31st. Pre-order now, and you will get 10% off the retail price. We have previously coveredChaosrise, but if you’re not already familiar, here’s a brief overview:

Take control of one of the two female protagonists (Aria or Noire) in their quest to unravel a mystery of unknown powers awakening uncontrollable lust among inhabitants of an extraordinary world. Making their way through varying parts of the universe, spread throughout seven stages packed with action (and horny enemies), little by little they, too, succumb to the new conditions, blanking their minds- but filling their bodies with much more fun stuff…


- Available in English and Japanese!

- 32 high quality H-CG

- 2 playable characters, each with their own unique firing pattern and magic powers

- 3 difficulty levels and 7 stages

- 10 types of enemies with hundreds of unique behaviors and attack patterns

- 11 epic bosses

- 8 different stats to level-up and make your character stronger!

- Hi-Score System

- “Undressable” Character Status Bar, with the heroine losing her clothes as her HP drains!

- Epic music by Machinae Supremacy!

Aria Ighaan

“The flames burn slowly so you can suffer longer.”

Spoiled daughter of Zanchuu’s prominent ruler and heir to the throne after her “older” twin brother’s disappearance. Aria is a powerful yokai Overlord for whom terror and cruelty are not just methods of keeping her vassals and service in place – they’re a way of killing time.

Aria commands the powers of fire. Her magic and firepower are not as strong as her sister’s, but no being can escape her homing flames.

Noire Ighaan

“If you can’t get hard, you can get frozen solid.”

“Younger” twin sister of Aria. As an Overlord, Noire is more composed and politically savvy, but can’t ever keep her unparalleled libido under control. It is said that she mothers hundreds of children and keeps them as elite guards as well as personal playthings.

Noire controls powerful ice magic. Her attacks and spells are destructive, but her stream of ice shards requires effort to aim.

A demo for Chaosrise is available on MangaGamer, so you can try before you buy. It’s available for PC and Linux, and while it’s normally $9.95, it’s $8.95 with the pre-order discount. Head over to MangaGamer to pre-order or check out the demo.

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