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Review: Ladykiller in a Bind

Editor’s note: This review is based upon the original version of the game — before the patch that removed some of the content. We also took pity on 44KPanda so the suffering wasn’t in vain.

If you ever wondered how well PC culture could mix with the pornography industry, you most likely came to the conclusion that it would not mix well.  Despite this, I have always believed that you never know until you try. Ladykiller in a Bind has tried, and the results are as expected.

When I began Ladykiller in a Bind, I had a surprising amount of optimism. It was supposed to have bondage, this cool social manipulation game, and “lots of sex.” When you first boot it up, you are presented with an expertly designed UI. There is no music on the title screen, which is odd, but it’s visually appealing. The in-game interface is no less pleasing on the eyes, and by the time you’re in game, the genuinely pleasant soundtrack kicks in. By this point, I was impressed, and I was expecting something truly amazing. What I got was talking and drinking and lots of cringing. From what I understand a lot people were requesting a review for Ladykiller in a Bind, so without further ado, let’s get right into this.

ladykiller- urnotmgsv

Easy there, Big Boss. You’re not wearing your eye patch.

You like that last picture? If so, Ladykiller in a Bind might just be the visual novel for you. For the rest of us, we want something a bit more substantial. For something which claims to be a romantic comedy, the story is rather lacking in jokes. Come to think of it, it’s also lacking in story. Now there are some other nice things, like interesting characters and enjoyable conversations, but I’ll come back to that in due time.

Let’s start with a quick overview of the story. You’re trapped on a boat and forced to disguise yourself as your brother because your motorcycle got taken away — WOW. It’s as if Charles Dickens himself, handcrafted this narrative — when he was six-years-old. Like I said, the plot of this story is nonexistent. You get plot during the introduction, “You’re trapped on this cruise ship and must pretend you’re me,” and you get a conclusion at the very end, “You needed to take my place was because of certain reasons.” That’s it. The actions and events that take place during the story have no impact on the conclusion, because they have zero relation to one another. The majority of the story in Lady Killer in a Bind, is a bunch of separate sketches. The only cohesive theme that binds them together is the “manipulation game.” Spoilers; getting the most votes has almost no impact on the story — your brother just says, “good job.”

ladykiller - seizureWarning

You’re given instructions on how the voting game works via animated, flashing, seizure-inducing text.

Ladykiller in a Bind has two different endings. To further highlight the un-importance of your in-game actions, the ending you receive is decided based on a single choice you make at the very end. Alternatively, there are multiple epilogues you can unlock which come after the story ends. The one you get relates to a combination of whether you won the voting game and which choice you made at the very end. The story is also sprinkled with bits of anti-capitalist/pro-Marxist rhetoric. Those who have been wanting more politics in their porn have had their prayers answered. If you unlock Epilogue C, you get this.

LadyKiller - marxist

Enjoy the game, comrade.

Okay, the plot is virtually absent, but a “romantic comedy” should have jokes, right? The best joke Ladykiller in a Bind has is in the way it handles consent. Ironically, this is the one time they were trying to be serious. Consent comes up in two different ways. It’s either used as a weapon “you consented to this, so you can’t stop me,” or it’s illustrated as this cringe-inducing back and forth debate, where the characters sound like they are drawing up a contract. In the latter case, the characters will do everything short of getting signatures in blood, just to verify they have consent. The worst part is that they ask consent every step of the way, completely interrupting the flow of what should be a “romantic” encounter. Here is an example of how ridiculous it gets.

This kind of pillow talk makes women tingle.

Conversely, Ladykiller in a Bind uses consent in a way that can be described as nothing less than sleazy, underhanded coercion, AKA date rape. There are times when the Hacker clearly expresses discomfort in what the main character, the Beast, is trying to do to her. When the Beast isn’t preaching morals to someone else, things like “consent” no longer matter. Instead, she uses manipulative speech to pressure her partner into continuing. Now, I’m not saying you can’t have rape and sleaziness in a hentai game, but for a game that’s been conflated as a lesson in “proper consent,” I find this logic extremely hypocritical. [EDIT] I originally wrote “marketed as a lesson in ‘proper consent’.” I was referring to the way it is being covered in the media, not the manner in which the game was being marketed by Love Conquers All Games. “Marketed” has been changed to “conflated” to better convey my point. [/EDIT] 

This is the biggest problem with Ladykiller in a Bind. The developer makes stupid claims about the promotion of proper consent, but they fill the game with many situations which are far from consensual. Even as the player character, you are given the option to take advantage of a drunk girl. If this is really supposed to be teaching me consent, as if I didn’t already understand it, shouldn’t there be repercussions for doing things which are clearly violating consent? Again, I don’t care what you put in your game, but don’t signal your virtuous claims, while failing to follow through with them.

ladykiller- daterape

Take notes, kids. If she says,”it’s not a big deal,” then she’s not drunk.

Alright, getting back to the jokes, Ladykiller in a Bind doesn’t know what jokes are. The writers think that doing a thing that another game did is a joke. They think that making a nerdy pop cultural reference is a joke. There are constant references to Twitter, Tumblr, Final Fantasy and even fucking Pokémon, just to name a few. What’s worse, these “jokes” were all delivered in the same exact manner. Someone would make a cultural reference, someone else would be confused by it, someone would awkwardly explain the reference. Considering most of the people who play this game would be very familiar with all of those references — it was cringy at best, insulting at worst.

Let me take a tiny break from beating on Ladykiller in a Bind. There was actually a bit of goodness in this otherwise burning building of a game — the characters.  Ladykiller in a Bind‘s cast was not just good, it was quite excellent. Even though I didn’t like all of their attitudes, everyone of them felt like a real person. They had actual depth, motivations, and personality. I loved one of the characters so much, that I still wish I could rescue her from this visual nightmare.

LadyKiller - redeeming girl

She’s a classic tsundere. You only get to kiss her, nothing more.

It’s a damn good thing that the characters and dialogue are written well because, frankly, they are all this game has. As I mentioned before, this story plays out as disjointed set pieces that have almost no relevance to one another. Each event involves you talking to people while getting drunk. You learn about the cast, as your character sips a whiskey and soda. Seriously though, whose idea was it to base a game on drinking and listening to gossip?

ladykiller- choicesLocked

Now, during your time on the cruise, you have to remain in disguise. You do this by maintaining your suspicion level. Most of the choices that come up during dialogue are pretty useless. They will slightly alter the phrasing or flow of the dialogue, but things ultimately play out the same way. Perhaps this is how fate works. Since all paths lead to the same goal, there is literally no reason to do anything except avoid suspicion and gain votes — and I already mentioned how important votes are. While these conversations are some of the most entertaining and believable dialogues I have experienced in a VN, they are not enough to hold the experience up on their own. Though, what about the sex?

ladykiller- consenthahahaha

These people have turned consent into a meme.

Yes, we are back to bashing Ladykiller in a Bind. I am willing to wager that the person who wrote the majority of the sexy time dialogue was not the same person who wrote the casual conversations. You see, the sex scenes are possibly the worst part of the game. Some parts were alright, but the sex segments are mostly watered down, excessive, back-and-forth banter. The problem is, the sex scenes last forever. One of them can clock in at just under 30 minutes. They are incredibly monotonous and feel more like a 25 minute discussion on kissing than real sex. They really focus on the novel part of visual novel. There is relatively little change in the visuals, as more and more dialogue floods the screen.

ladykiller - kiss collage

Someone, please buy these people a thesaurus.

Part of the reason the sex scenes drag on for so long, aside from the regurgitating lines about consent, is because of the how long it takes for the dialogue and pictures to transition. There is a one to three second long delay between each line of text. After 10 hours of playing, that tiny delay becomes extremely grating on the nerves. When style inhibits enjoy-ability, you’ve messed up.

Speaking of “messing up,” LadyKiller in a Bind makes so many dumb mistakes. For one, you can make custom names for the characters. Sounds great. The only problem is that there is no character limit. As you saw in one of the past screenshots, you can make names so long that they go right outside the readable area. You can argue this is the player’s fault, but I will argue that the developer should put in the time to prevent such a bug.

Looks perfect folks! This game is ready to ship!

Another thing that Ladykiller in a Bind has is a “color blind mode.” This mode adds patterns behind the choice text to make it more visible — I guess. To be honest, I don’t see this being of any benefit to a person with color blindness. In any case, this feature just creates a new bug. Some of the choices will be barely visible, when they display as white text on a white background.

Also, since Ladykiller in a Bind is a visual novel, there’s no shortage of grammatical errors. If I want to be really nitpicky, there is no punctuation mark to separate the names form the dialogue. It just runs together. With the writers’ propensity for typing in all caps, this made reading the dialogue just a little bit more of a mess. These things are so easily avoided, that it comes off as a lack of caring. For a title that’s asking $30 for 10-12 hours, I expect a professional level of polish.

Let me also not forget that one staple of hentai games: a gallery mode. The mode which allows you to go back and review the images or animations you’ve unlocked — it doesn’t exist here. If you really wanted to revisit a scene or an image, you’re expected to replay until you get to that part. In a Ren’Py game, that’s unforgivable.

ladykiller- cant get behind this art

“IF” you wanted to go back and see the art.

Lastly, I need to discuss the two biggest elephants in the room: the art style and the politics. First, I find the character designs for most of the women to be atrocious. Those god damned jaw lines are overbearing. The girl with teal hair looks like Dolph Lundgren in a wig. She’s called “the Swimmer,” but she looks more like a steroid-using wrestler. She’s supposedly the hottest girl in school, but every time someone said that, I involuntarily shuddered. Also, don’t get me started on that Justin Bieber-looking photographer chick. I have to ask, what the hell happened to the original artwork?

ladykiller - originalArt

Original art style

Finally, the politics and preaching. I already touched on the promotion of Marxist crap, but now I’m talking about the social politics. If you’re not a fan of things that a feminist or self-proclaimed social justice warrior would preach, then you’ll probably want to steer clear of Ladykiller in a Bind for that alone. Now, aside from the fact that this game is focused on consent, there really isn’t that much preaching. That’s not to say it isn’t there. It definitely is. In fact, just when you start to enjoy a conversation, something gets said to remind you of the developer’s political leanings. Whether they discuss how it’s not fair that most women shave, or that straight men should not talk about lesbian issues, or just decide to bring up the patriarchy, the SJW flavor is a constant.

ladykiller - isThisMemes

I’m not so sure that’s the line I would use if I was about to be raped.

Probably the worst thing about the preaching is that it all comes from the Beast. The Beast, who I named “MEMES,” struts around acting as the self-appointed moral police. The fact that she herself has questionable morals, and is a giant, fucking idiot, presents a lack of self-awareness that can generally be associated with moral busybodies. Her being a complete buffoon is not just an opinion either. She takes pride in her dumbfounding ignorance, and shuns anyone who attempts to enlighten her. Witnessing her dawn that dismissive, smug expression and talk down to all of those around her just made me want to slap her. She may be a well-defined character, but I find her detestable and can’t empathize with her.

While the Beast adopts her brother’s condescending tone to maintain the disguise, in these instances, she isn’t acting.

In a nutshell, Ladykiller in a Bind is what happens when too many ideas compete for the focus of attention. I would actually recommend this to a writer, as an example of good character development and dialogue. As far as recommendations go, that’s it. There is nothing else that this game does well enough for me to say it’s worth your time. I don’t like the character art, the story is an absolute joke, and the political stuff is just unnecessary. The fact that one side of a socio-political war is represented without anyone even mentioning counterpoints is frustrating to say the least.

On another note, there is just so much cringe in this game, that it might be worth a play just to make fun of the awful jokes. If you do decide to pick it up, I advise you wait for a sale and not pay the $30 asking price. It’s available on Steam and Humble Store, and in addition to PC, it’s also available on Mac and Linux.

Ladykiller in a Bind - cunnilingus header
Pros Cons

- Gorgeous UI

- Pretty sweet soundtrack

-Excellent characters and interactions

- It works on Linux

- There is replay value in going back to see alternate character interactions

- The art style makes the women look too manly

- The sex scenes are incredibly dull

- The story is too preachy for it's own good.

- The plot is non-existent, and functions independently from everything else

- Choices feel even less meaningful than in similar games

Replay Value
Art And Graphics


Art style aside, the sex scenes in this game are very much fetishistic in nature. If you don't like bondage that is virtually sex-free, there won't be much satisfaction here for you. To that, the mundane talking and unnatural manner in which they force in discussions of consent, and you're left with an unsexy mess.

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    A social justice visual novel based around consent with shit to passable art. I don’t feel like killing myself just yet, thanks.

  • EroBotan

    just want to add some stuff, some content are going to be removed/altered to comply with SJW complaints

    • 44KPanda

      Yeah, I heard about this like 10 fucking minutes before I sent this article to the editors. But apparently they removed the rape scene involving the guy I named “Giant Prick.”

      • EroBotan

        haha, that’s a really bad timing!

    • Callie84

      The removed scene is not about author agreeing with some vocal players feedback but to gain publicity, look my game is so controversial that I have to censor it due to players strong feedback tactic which in return makes more people curious about it why it was censored in the first place.
      Plus judging of what the author wrote there she removed the scene for completely wrong reasons.
      In reality if you advertise a game as lesbian romance then you should not include a scene in it where lesbian literally gets fucked straight by a guy in a long boring sex scene and she loves it as an option to player cause that show author not really knew what she wrote in first place and for who, or could from start advertise a game as a game about bisexual girl not a lesbian.
      Negative feedback from people who disliked that scene or the scene with the trap guy is not so surprising in a game being advertised initially as girl/girl bondage romance in first place when in the beginning when the game came out no one ever knew about the added heterosexual sex scenes.
      Maybe author forget for who she makes such games.
      It’s like author create otome games with a bunch of guys fleshed out to romance and then force a yuri option in it which has no sense or connection to anything and the player suddenly becomes bi for that girl for lousy reasoning.
      It’s stupid and not really appealing to anyone, fans of lesbian games will be mad for including heterosexual option and fans of heterosexual sex will say there’s too little of that and the game is boring.

      • EroBotan

        it’s a possibility, but we can never be so sure about this since there is no solid proof

  • Snea Zel

    The “didn’t kiss me” crop made me laugh for some reason.

  • EroBotan

    just a suggestion to anyone who want to promote socialism/communism in their game: Use great comrade Kim Jong Un to promote your stuff instead of this random grandpa please!!!

    • Jane Doe

      North Korea in no way resembles Marx’s vision; not even Russia did. It’s not socialist either; socialist ideology doesn’t include mass labor camps.

      • EroBotan

        he looks funny, that’s all that matters

      • Caronte

        No country who tried socialism worked.

        It is not that the machine was faulty. It is a machine that is just impossible to build.

  • Bob Tags

    It looks horrid and it reads just as bad, should have stuck with the previous artist

  • I’m debating whether to add this to my censored eroge list. It’s an “eroge” only in the “kinda, sorta” sense, and on top of that the edits seem more of a response to a thematic failure than audience feedback. If one of the author’s goals was to demonstrate proper sexual consent, then edits to fulfill that original vision don’t constitute “censorship”.

    • Nin

      I think being bondage focused means that it’s arguably more of an eroge than something like Da Capo where the scenes are usually just tossed in.

      I sort of agree on you on the second part, but it’s a bit hard to tell for sure because the review implies that there are way more scenes than the one complained about that fail to demonstrate the author’s goals than just that one scene.

      • Can anyone validate 44KPanda’s claim that the game is “marketed as a lesson in proper consent”? Is there any evidence (read: official marketing materials) to back this up?

        • 44KPanda

          I apologize for that. That was a poor choice of words on my part. I made an adjustment to the article.

          • Alright. But in the following paragraph you make a similar claim. “The developer makes stupid claims about the promotion of proper consent”. What sort of claims has the developer made? Can you provide examples?

            I’m not just trying to give you a hard time. I’m trying to evaluate the nature of these edits they’ve made. Was affirmative consent a key part of the original vision? Or were they examining the boundaries of this feminist doctrine? Or perhaps they just wanted to tell a story, and affirmative consent was simply a minor element in the setting–a crowd-pleasing trope even, sort of like virgin heroines in bishoujo games?

            By my reckoning, censorship has occurred in situation 2, but not situation 1, and probably not situation 3.

          • EroBotan

            you’re just being picky, probably because you’re an SJW trying to sound smart by purposely downplaying all of the game’s obvious SJW elements

          • Iyamtebist

            TFW you heard the term “SJW” for the first time.

          • TyroneCashmoney

            I’d rather see a discussion, than trying to sweep everything under the rug.

          • EroBotan

            the game is obviously full of SJW agendas yet this sanadig keep insisting that there is another reason for it. It’s obvious that the game content is removed after it get blasted by their own SJW audience but this sanadig keep trying to spin that this is not censorship. The review blasted the game as an SJW fest so this sanadig tries to change the focus of discussion to something else by attacking trivial stuff lol.

            This is called mental gymanstic.

            Discussion with SJW? have done tons and it always ended with they calling me names (racist, bigots, liar, etc) despite all the facts that i presented in their face or they just simply block me. IT’S A WASTE OF TIME!!!

          • Before you point fingers, consider why you posted 3 separate replies to me saying the exact same thing. Once is enough, thanks!

            Since I curate a list of censored adult games, defining the boundaries of what is “censorship” and what isn’t is not just a theoretical exercise. My question has nothing to do with so-called “social justice” and everything to do with original intent and whether the creator was coerced to make changes that subverted that original intent. Typically I deal with games that have been localized by third parties or published on 3rd party platforms with guidelines against adult content (like Steam), where this call is simple to make: when 3rd parties mandate such changes, this is censorship. Self-censorship by the original creators is less simple to identify, as we have to distinguish between censorship and the typical revision process (which is intended to improve the creative work).

            OELVNs like this are not my focus, and I care little for any social messages this particular game has, but conceiving and implementing objective inclusion criteria is important to what I do. This game may be the first time I’ve had to consider how to define my inclusion criteria for self-censorship, but it won’t be the last.

          • EroBotan

            your argument In short: The sun might not actually rise in the east, we have to conclude super thorough investigation first!!

          • TyroneCashmoney

            It’s obvious you feel pretty strongly about this, I hope you work out your issues eventually.

          • EroBotan

            not a chance lol

          • TyroneCashmoney

            Took the words right out of my mouth.

          • EroBotan

            well then, in case you’re not an SJW: “Have fun repeating the same stuff over and over and over again in your one sided discussion with them.”

          • TyroneCashmoney

            Because that isn’t what you’ve been doing.

          • EroBotan

            if you said that then you can’t read lol

          • TyroneCashmoney

            I’m going to assume English isn’t your primary language. Nothing wrong with that. Good luck with your endeavors.

          • EroBotan

            bye bye lol

          • The purpose of my list isn’t to generate discussion (that’s what discussion forums and comment threads like this are for). It’s to provide a shared resource to identify censorship, facilitate its restoration, and raise awareness of censorship in general. My inclusion criteria are already very broad. The danger of further expanding my criteria without careful consideration is that the organizing principle will be lost in the noise.

            I further expanded on this in another comment below:

          • TyroneCashmoney

            Sorry, I wasn’t commenting on your post, only someone else’s.

          • 44KPanda

            Okay, if you’re curious about the edits, the only thing that was edited, according to Love’s blog post, was the sexual content with the president, or as I named him Giant Prick. As you may be able to indicate from the screenshot this was a rape scene. Which has supposedly been patched out. Blog:

          • I did read that. By her own comments I’m inclined to call “censorship”. But people tend to dissemble under pressure, telling others what they want to hear. That’s why I gave more weight to your words, assuming you followed her and based your claims in this review on her statements previous to this incident. Should I assume that you only played the game and have no information on the author’s intent prior to the incident, other than that specific post (which came after the incident)?

          • EroBotan

            here you go again! Attack on trivial matter to change the focus of this discussion! Instead of bashing this SJW game, let’s attack the reviewer? (lol)

            I actually won’t mind if you’re targeting important matter here lol (you’re not obviously)

            Damage control!! Damage control!!

          • If you look at my comment history on LewdGamer, I’m a frequent critic. I’m also a former writer for LG. I currently write for my own blog. It should come as no surprise that I’m interested in what my peers are covering and how they cover it. That’s the basis of “peer-review”: learning from your peers and improving based on their feedback.

            I may write my own article about this. I may not. But certainly there’s been feedback that’s been less than useful. Just a tip: you don’t need to reply to everything I say–to you or anyone else–to get across the message that you disagree. That’s what the vote buttons are for.

          • EroBotan

            former LG writer? could you be an SJW trying to usurp LG from inside?

            and stupid tip lol, afraid of people voiced their disagreement with you?

          • oneeyedmonky

            Listen derpie mc douchebag, all of you comments on this game have been idiotic. If you are calling the feedback you are leaving as “peer-reviewed” help, save it for yourself. I am sure the writers for LG were very happy to see you leave since they no longer have to endure your random idiot rants. As for me it gives me solace to know that I will not stumble upon a garbage article written by you. And lastly saying you write for your own blog is like saying you are the coolest kid with down-syndrome no one cares…

          • 44KPanda

            I’m not sure what you’re asking me. The censorship never came up in my review, because the game was censored AFTER I wrote this. I don’t know any details about Love’s reasoning, aside from what she mentioned briefly in her patch notes.

            So as far as gleaning any information in my review to help you on your quest to understand the censorship, I must inform you, sadly, that there is no such information here. It’s not even remotely touched upon. What you’re seeing here is a review on the game in it’s original form.

          • Alright, thanks for explaining your understanding of the role of consent in the work and how it was promoted.

          • EroBotan

            aka MISSION FAILED LOLOL!!!

          • EroBotan

            mental gymnastic at it’s finest 😀

    • EroBotan

      SJW Censorship apologist detected lol

  • Nin

    Damn it, whose idea was it to ram Carl Marx into my yuri porn game?

    I suppose it was only a matter of time before a lesbian porn game was created to cater to the “L” part of LGBT, and many real life lesbians do believe in feminism and Communism by extention. Incidentally, many early feminists did try to push for lesbianism to take men out of romantic relationships, but this worked as well you probably suspect. But anyways, don’t put Carl Marx in a porn game unless there’s actual class conflict or economics. What happens in Epilogue C to justify that?

    • N

      oh how dare a game about lesbians be targeted at lesbians???

  • Darkholme

    Tumblr garbage.

  • Link_Xp4444

    George Orwell in a Bind, eh…? Well, here we go! Let me just take the time to say that I am certain, without a shadow of a doubt that the Rance 5D & Rance VI bundle on MangaGamer that took the top fourth slot for most sold games on MangaGamer for all of 2016 despite only being on sale for 8 days will probably make more money during those 8 days than this game will make in 8 whole years.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. The SocJus Army doesn’t have any money. There it is. Doesn’t matter what entertainment industry we’re talking about. Hell, look at the movie industry. Find Dora, an animated movie about fish made more money than the new Star Wars movie did (last I checked anyway) and the money the Star Wars movie made was pretty much all based on the Star Wars name itself anyway. Don’t even get me started on Ghost Busters.

    Of course, the video game industry is the exact same way. SocJus has no money, simple as that. Video games, movies television commercials, and so on that pander specifically to SJWs always seem to fail miserably. Look at the like to dislike ratio on most of MTVs recent YouTube videos if you don’t believe me. Why pander to a crowd that only seeks to ruin the entertainment industry, while having no desire whatsoever to buy your product?

    • Jane Doe

      Not all works geared around social justice do, fail. You’re conveniently ignoring the success of things like Orange Is the New Black or Hidden Figures. And even if what you’re saying, that those who value social justice are broke, is true… what’s your point?

      As someone invested in social justice who does have money, I feel like you’re deriding people like myself by stereotyping us as poor, and treating us poorly for it. If you are, that’s classism.

      • EroBotan

        nah, you guys are rich as hell, you live in expensive area like new york & california. I think the correct statement is while you guys are billionaire with iphone & hanging out at starbucks regulary, the majority of you who regularly backmouthing & insult gamers & still dare to demand that games are changed to your taste are never actually spend money to buy games.

        • Jane Doe

          Why do you speak about us like we’re all the same person? We’re not a monolith. I won’t presume how you identify, but whatever group(s) you might consider yourself associated with, I don’t think you’re all the same. Right now you’re saying a lot of things about people who share similarities to myself that simply aren’t true. I’m not rich. I live with a roommate. My friends and I buy games, and believe in social justice. I play porn games. Some of my social justice minded friends do, and others don’t.

          I recognize that there are SJWs from who treat you with hostility; that hostility seems mutual. Right now, I feel like I’m trying to be reasonable, and when you say these things about “you guys,” including me among them (which isn’t inaccurate) I feel like I’m being misunderstood, misrepresented, and insulted. I feel like it’s unnecessarily disrespectful; please stop it.

          Can you be certain that a majority of us are the way you say we are? Are you open the possibility that the portion of the population you’re referring to is a vocal minority? Are you open to the possibility that both you and SJWs could stand to be more respectful of one another?

          • EroBotan

            You treat us like we are all the same person. I simply return the favor. You start the war, I won’t stop until you all SJWs are destroyed.

          • Jane Doe

            I, an individual, am trying to talk to you as an individual. I’m not trying to fight with you, let alone war with you. Would you return that favor?

            If so, tell me about yourself. How do you identify? Would you like it if SJWs and people like yourself were more respectful toward one another?

          • EroBotan

            Are you trying to dox me? forget it lol. I live in a 3rd world country. You with all your luxury life won’t be able to live here, just stay in your SJW safe space in america.

          • Jane Doe

            Why do you think I’m trying to dox you? I didn’t ask for your name. There’s much more to a person than a name: what you do with your life, what you’re passionate about, what makes you smile… I’m curious what your nationality is, but if you aren’t comfortable telling me that, you don’t have to.

            … I get the impression that you resent me. Is that correct? Why?

          • EroBotan

            because that’s common SJW tactic. And my passion is destroying SJW 😀

          • Jane Doe

            I’ve been quite civil ; I had hoped we could have a fruitful conversation. I suppose that was naive of me.

            I’m disappointed in you. You’ve wasted an opportunity for both of us to expand our horizons.

            Fare well.

          • EroBotan

            bye bye lol, don’t come back!

          • Waifu Engineering

            Fuck man, I usually like you but this time you acted immaturely. As a National Socialist, I could have had an engaging civil dialogue with this person.

            Anyways, if Karl Marx gets a free pass in porn games, then no one should object if I put Hitler in mine. After all, people who subscribe to his ideology have genocided far less people than those who subscribe to Marx.

          • EroBotan

            i tried that tons of times in the past, all i get is insult or getting blocked or both. It always happen after I put my all in the constructive discussion, thinking, searching the net, etc. I learn from the experience, so now i simply troll them & use my brain for something else ^^; Plus all of the discussion with SJW is basically repeating the same stuff over and over again, it’s boring 🙁

            I don’t mind hitler, but i prefer great comrade Kim Jong Un!! He makes good propaganda videos.

          • EroBotan

            one more thing, these SJWs has ban tons of games, censored tons of games, and butchered tons of games. And even right now they’re still working hard ruining more games. They want a peaceful discussion in the middle of all of this? Not a chance, not a chance. They want to destroy you, while you think they come in peace, bad ending guaranteed for you.

          • Jane Doe

            I’d be interested in arranging a means of having a private conversation with you; I’ve never had the opportunity to have a dialogue with a National Socialist.

          • EroBotan has no intention of having a civil discussion with you, me, or anyone who isn’t part of his ‘in-group’. Just ignore him.

          • EroBotan

            you feel insulted? SURPRISE!! That’s because I ACTUALLY INSULTED YOU! I

          • Narmy

            SJW is a term specifically used to describe a certain type of person, so yeah they pretty much are a monolith.

          • Jane Doe

            I don’t think it’s productive to focus upon a single part of a well intentioned larger statement to the exclusion of everything else.

            Are you interested in having a sincere dialogue as interlocutors with the goal of better understanding one another’s points of view?

          • Narmy

            I don’t care about this discussion, I was just correcting your misunderstanding of the term.

          • ‘SJW’, as used in this community, is a pejorative–like ‘stupid nigger’ or ‘GG fag’. It’s a stereotype that basically means “radical that lashes out at reasonable people like us who just want to enjoy our fiction in peace”. The misunderstanding that’s occurred here is that, for a reason people like us don’t understand, you’re using the term to refer to yourself unironically, which to us sounds like you’re calling yourself a ‘stupid nigger’. Thus the confusion.

            People like Narmy probably aren’t trying to be offensive or disrespectful. They just don’t understand where you’re coming from and are trying to explain to you how your use of terms doesn’t correspond with how we use them.

          • Jane Doe

            For the record, I don’t think Narmy is being disrespectful, and I hope they aren’t offended by my talking about them in this post rather than to their own; hi there if you’re reading this.

            As for what you said… It’s interesting; as social justice is an umbrella term for a variety of causes, I’m not familiar with a noun that refers to someone who supports social justice. SJW is the closest word that comes to mind; I’m aware it’s a problematic term, but it’s hard to have a dialogue without a word to refer to what you’re discussing.

            I’m reminded of the Japanese word, burakumin ; the word was stigmatized as much as ‘nigger,’ so if you tried to talk about the needs of burakumin, people would essentially be like, “You can’t say that word…!!”

            … But there was no other word to say that people would understand. It was the only word with that meaning. To say that you can’t use that word… was ultimately a way to shut down dialogue.

            I’m not trying to open a dialogue about social justice warriors; I’m trying to open a dialogue about social justice.

          • ‘Social justice’ itself is stigmatized around here, mainly because of the conflicts the culture of established gamers has had with those who would like to see their idealized vision of reality enforced in games. ‘Political activism’ would probably be a more neutral term–but then again, in most cases there’s probably little reason to bring it up at all, as it’s a touchy subject in gaming.

            As concerns gaming, many of us see two sides vying for ideological influence over developers, the media, and the fanbase. Side 1 (vaguely represented by GamerGate): those who believe in the sanctity of creative freedom, the ‘free’ marketplace of ideas / entertainment driven by consumer demand, and the inviolable right to enjoy fictional experiences without restriction. Side 2 (represented by a vague coalition of social activists): those who believe in the power of entertainment to influence culture, that entertainment can and should be used to effect desirable social changes, and that we have a responsibility to restrict the portrayal of negative sociopolitical concepts and messages in entertainment because they perpetuate social injustice in the real world.

            The conventional wisdom is that these two ideologies are fundamentally at odds and therefore this is a zero-sum game; any gain by one side is the other side’s loss, and therefore there is little reason to try and understand or sympathize with ‘the enemy’. It’s more or less the perfect setup for partisan warfare.

          • Jane Doe

            I’m familiar with that paradigm; I want to disrupt it. Somewhere in the middle exists a point where people could enjoy media without being bigoted.

          • Is there common ground? Can you both believe that entertainment has an inexorable hold over us–that we a social responsibility to use that influence for good– and believe that people should be left to enjoy their loli porn in peace? Even if you support both ideals, these are two competing priorities. Me enjoying my loli porn makes someone else fear for the safety of their children. Which is more important: my liberty, or someone else’s feelings of security?

          • Jane Doe

            I think it’s an indelicate understanding of Cultivation Theory to say that ‘entertainment has an inexorable hold over us.’ Cultivation Theory posits that media can influence us; I hope that we can agree that’s not an outlandish idea. Many feminists have a knee jerk reaction to certain depictions and handlings of women in games, depictions and handlings that have been extremely prevalent for a long time. Media doesn’t have an inexorable hold on people, but when so much media has the same depiction there’s a larger influence on one side than on others. There are female gamers who want more games that are intended to appeal to them. It could be seen as a zero sum game, especially in the AAA gaming world where there are fewer studios; given a finite number of studios, more games targeting women means less games targeting men. But it’s not really that simple.

            Let’s look at the response to the anime Free! as an example. There were men who felt like they were losing something because KyoAni produced Free instead of something else, something presumably more in the vein of, say, K-ON. Free! demonstrated that women weren’t a fully tapped market in anime fandom, and since then the fujoshi market has gotten considerably more attention… but it doesn’t seem to me that there are less shows like Bikini Warriors or Is It OK To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? as a result.

            I believe in civil rights, human rights, equality, and yes, social justice. I also don’t care what porn people look at so long as real human beings didn’t suffer in its creation. I couldn’t care less about loli porn; I only care about child pornography. The idea that loli porn is something to afraid of is a combination of paranoia and ignorance.

            There is a middle ground; I’m standing in it. And there is a common ground so long as we can agree that discrimination is wrong.

          • Most reasonable people on the ‘gamer establishment’ side will agree to the premise of an open market that caters to diverse interests and demographics based on market demand. What irks them is when certain groups, who sometimes aren’t even gamers or part of the target demographic for a given game, insist on inclusiveness. In principle, developers choosing to target females instead of males– because it’s an under-served demographic waiting to be tapped–is not an issue. Of course there will always be a vocal minority on the ‘gamer establishment’ side who will want all the attention all the time.

            That said, I have no strong opinion on that debate. I’m vested in the personal liberty debate that I alluded to earlier–that adults should be free to enjoy fiction without persecution. In principle, that puts me at odds with segments of the social justice movement, although in practice there’s very few direct confrontations. Except for Equality Now, most of these groups ignore anime porn games. The main enemy is the political establishment and law enforcement, which have decided that porn is a special exception to free speech protections because *feelings*.

          • Jane Doe

            Part of it is that until women started to speak up, we weren’t being catered to by the market. Most of the women who speak up about the presentation of women in games do play games, but feel uncomfortable with the boys club culture that pervades places like comic book stores, traditional game stores, and video gaming culture. There are games that some women like to play on a mechanical level, but find the presentation of the women distasteful. Those gamers feelings speak from a desire to have certain kinds of games without certain kinds of content. We don’t need to censor anything to do that. Opt in systems or more games in those veins made for female audiences would solve those problems far better than removal of the content from other games.

            I’m pretty sex positive obviously, and… so are a lot of progressives and/or feminists. Loli and bestiality aside anyway; puritanism, ugh. I will say this about Tumblr: they’re more puritanical than almost any other group of progressives I know, and they’re young. I hope they grow out of that puritanism, because I think it’s problematic in ways they don’t understand or realize. So long as no other crimes are occurring, pornography should be afforded the same rights of speech and expression as anything or anyone else.

            Hadn’t heard of Equality Now. That… … mmn. Ugh. Real people don’t really suffer from hentai.

          • AAA games are intended to have mass appeal. Market dynamics will drive increasing attention towards what female gamers want, as those companies want to appeal to the widest audience possible to fund their big-budget titles. Some gamers will protest this breach of the status quo, but such trends are inevitable. The only real alternative is to gravitate towards developers that target your particular niche, which is exactly what gamers like me do!

            Equality Now made a name for itself during the Rapelay scare (later reported on by CNN).

            That pissed off a lot of erogamers like myself, resulting in a great deal of latent hostility towards feminists in ero-centric communities like this. This was before GamerGate was even a thing.

          • Jane Doe

            I do remember the Rapelay scare; I just forgot who brought it about.

            The market can’t target a demographic who doesn’t speak up about what they want. Yes, there’s marketing research, but when we aren’t asked questions by researchers? Those questions don’t reach us. I’ve been on a few research panels for games before, as have a few of my friends… and there have been far more males in those rooms. It doesn’t work to only have one or two women speaking for the entire gender. That’s why female gamers speak up about what we want in games.

            Excessive amounts of fan service make the game better for a certain demographic at the expense of another, and that’s fine, but what women would like is more games without excessive fan service. It doesn’t have to be about stomping out fan service and eroge.

          • EroBotan


          • Jane Doe

            This will be the last time I ever respond to anything you say unless you come with a respectful tone. You further your causes not one inch when you behave so shamelessly. Grow up.

            1) Both sides have people who are part of the problem.
            2) I do tell progressives when I think they’re being over zealous.

          • EroBotan

            you expect me to respect you after all the damage you SJWs has done on gaming community in the last 8 years? You really has no shame lol, Let me spell it out for you: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

          • Alistair

            Yup i agree also the SJWs buzz words “Sexists, racist, misogyny etc etc. At “Gamers” Follow by censored products because some people cant tell the difference between fact and fictional.

            I could draw a old woman but she not old, because it a dam drawing. People get hang up on fictional characters is a illness.

          • EroBotan

            SJWs are hypocryte too, they complaint a lot about our fictional characters but it’s them who keep getting caught with real child porn ( UN has tons of pics of them, a bunch of male feminists tricking girls online, their medias promoting pedophilia, and some of hillary’s supporters are suspected for trafficking them)

          • Alistair

            Yup #pizzagate about alleged child abuse, matt hickory is caught for “Real” Groping of women (Rape) And he the one that was anti gamergate.

            That all you needed to know that they double standards, hypocrites. They doing the deeds that they loath what devs put into video games same for films, books and music.

          • EroBotan

            yeah, they really need to fix themselves first lol

          • Narmy

            Pretty much. Being an SJW is a bad thing, it’s not something you want to self-identify as.

          • Alistair

            What do you mean by social justice, if you mean “Forced social justice into games” like forced diversity is to be treated as the norm then no.

            Them to depict what games should carter in the free market is wrong. Why do you think that ecchi games are censored in the 1st place did the Devs wake up one day saying im gonna censored our game for the fun of it.

            No it due to influence, influence by them. It such a pity that this game is censored and it rather strange one at that. It a SJW porn game that hated our type of games even if the game teach you consent it still give people bad feels and the game being censored.

            Well that rather mess up, criminal girls 2 needed to be censored to make it look consensual. So now 1 scene cant be in a consensual game.

  • Jane Doe

    You weren’t the target audience. I didn’t appeal to you because it wasn’t designed to. As someone who is in the target demo, it was great.

    • ZenithTheOne

      That’s why the target audience demanded some scenes changed, right? Because they were so satisfied with it.

      • buddyluv324

        Why am I not surprised….?

      • Jane Doe

        I would contest that it wasn’t Ladykiller’s target audience who demanded it be changed. It was Christine Love’s fan base, which is mostly based upon Analogue and Hate Plus. Yes, they are different.

        Ladykiller is a game, by and large, about lesbian S&M. It’s like Christine Love’s take on 50 Shades Of Grey. It deals with issues of sexuality, consent (or lack there of), lying/manipulation/misrepresentation (since the MC is pretending to be her brother), and coercion. Ladykiller’s target audience is kinky, weeby lesbians.

        On the other hand, the Hate series is a sci-fi horror mystery about trauma. While investigating a dead, adrift colony ship you discover and follow the aftermath of the AI *Hyun-ae, who is a victim of abuse in a society that reverted to one that treated women the way feudal Korea did. Hate was a game targeted at weeby sci-fi geeks who support women’s rights.

        But Hate Plus did include yuri/lesbianism, and Hate was so well received by its target audience that a lot of us became fans of Christine Love who would buy her next VN almost no matter what it was. Fans of Hate were excited for another game featuring lesbians by Love, but…I don’t think anyone realized before Ladykiller came out that it wasn’t a match for most fans of Hate.

        I don’t even think Love realized that. I would wager that Ladykiller was a game that Love very much wanted to make, because it’s clear she didn’t fully consider her fan base when she decided to make it her next project. She did see the things in it that would excite them, as did they, but as a game about consent I imagine Love wanted to include varying degrees of violation of consent in the game; whether this was a desire she was aware of or not I wouldn’t gander a guess at, but you can’t explore a theme well without something to contrast with it.

        Bur Love was apparently interested in dealing with issues of consent and its violation, Love’s _fan_base_ didn’t want to deal with violation of consent. Love is not thin skinned; anyone who wrote Hate couldn’t be… but Love didn’t realize how much of her own audience would be upset by content she wrote into Ladykiller.

        Ladykiller’s target audience was not the same thing as Chrstine Love’s established fan base. Ladykiller’s target audience excludes people who are triggered by a rape scene.

        • Mirality

          The concept of a target audience being a developer’s fans puzzles me a bit. I enjoyed Hate and Hate Plus a great deal, along with Digital and others of Christine’s earlier games. I haven’t played Ladykiller but I’m reasonably sure that I wouldn’t enjoy it. It wasn’t a game made for “her fans”, it was a game made for herself, and for the people who would like that sort of game.

          Game developers don’t have to keep releasing the same sorts of games to the same audiences. They’re free to experiment and do different things intended for different people. Nobody should go in with the mindset of just buying everything a given developer makes, regardless of what sort of game it is.

          • Jane Doe

            Well, visual novels are ultimately a writing based medium. People become fans often of certain authors, and they build up a fan base which tends to buy their books. I think a lot of people who have read Love’s earlier works (which Analogue and Hate were more in tone with) bought Ladykiller solely because it was by love and there was something in it they enjoyed: lesbianism.

            Developers and artists don’t have to keep releasing things to cater to their established fan base… but they also need to be making enough money by some means in their life to continue to produce work. At a certain point, you have a certain branding. It’s a growing pain, and Love essentially cramped pretty hard on this one.

            That said, it was pretty tone deaf to have a heterosexual rape scene in a game targeted primarily at lesbians. Putting a heterosexual rape scene into a game targeted at women at all is pretty tone deaf; ravishment fantasies are one thing, but…

            … the scene probably would have been received better if a woman made the player character uncomfortable and raped her.

          • Mirality

            I do like lesbian games, as a general rule, although not so much those featuring BDSM or rape. But I don’t see a game where the main character is trying to pretend to be male (and is supposed to maintain this facade even across sexual encounters) as a lesbian one, even if the MC is actually female. Unless I’ve just missed something and the game portrays things a bit differently than what I thought.

          • Jane Doe

            Well, she doesn’t maintain the facade of being male across sexual encounters. Some characters in the game know who she really is, and although she reveals she’s a woman to others she still is misleading them. The perspective character may be a dyke; I forget if she identifies as that at some point, but she certainly can fit the image.

            There’s a gender bent angle to the game, obviously, since it involves cross dressing, but the lead character is a female bodied, female identified person who is attracted to women, almost if not entirely exclusively. She may be regularly pretending to be a man, but she herself doesn’t identify as one, and in her internal monologue throughout the story is, therefore, from the perspective of a lesbian. It’s a lesbian story with a gender bending aspect for comedic and dramatic effect, but it’s still lesbian.

            The game is definitely about bondage though, and along with that comes the issues of negotiating 1) consent, 2) boundaries, 3) exchanges of power. The rape scene was there to engage with those themes. It was also upsetting for a good many players, something they made clear to Love, thus the changes in the latest patch.

    • As one of the target audience, what do you think of the changes made to the game in v1.1.3?

      • Jane Doe

        Excellent question. Thank you for being polite.

        Well, I played through the game a few times before this patch was released and haven’t played it since. I have a few thoughts about this, though. I want to mention I’m about to get into a lot of subjective things, so… most of the following is just my opinion.

        1) From what I understand, the game is largely unchanged. To reference Persona 3 & 4, we’re talking about the removal of content pretty much isolated to a single social link. That said, I think that I would prefer if it were possible to opt into the content of the rape scene, sort of how Euphoria gave the reader the option to turn the scat on or off.

        2) I’m kind of disappointed by the removal of the content, because the game has lost something significant in my mind. The game had a major theme of consent and exchange of power; by selling her social capital to the Beast, the Beauty coerces the Beast into consenting to something she otherwise wouldn’t. At the same time, the Beast had the power to end the scene at anytime, albeit she may have not received the Beauty’s services. Ladykiller wouldn’t have been able to fully explore these theme without having power wrongfully taken from the player… that’s why the scene with the President (Prick in this review) exists.

        As a bit of context, I am a lesbian who is a part of her local S&M community; I say lesbian, but technically I’m bisexual. I just don’t date men; I have far more romantic interest in other women.

        I differ from a lot of Love’s fan base in that… well, I read a website like this one, which frequently has anti-social justice sentiments on it. I’m able to enjoy rape fantasy games because… I recognize that there’s a difference between fantasy and reality. I understand that real rape is horrific, rape culture is problematic, and that rape jokes are just damn impolite in mixed company. Furthermore, I do sometimes fear that there may actually be a second order effect ( ) or bubble effect in communities such as this one where men are learning bad habits that genuinely are offensive to many people. It wouldn’t be so hard for me to admit to people that I’m into eroge if we’d all just be mature adults when interacting with others… or maybe not; the west is utterly puritanical, and that won’t be changing in my my life time…

        BTW, social justice at its core is just a continuation of civil rights; both, ultimately, are about opposing bigotry. But just about any ideology ends up having people who take it to extremes.

        The scene(s) in question appear to be removed because they offend, upset and/or triggered a large number of people. I could care less who it upset or offended, to be honest, but I do feel for the people who were triggered by it.

        I want to speak as a victim of domestic abuse for a moment. I’m not easily triggered myself (anymore; I’m mostly over my trauma… as much as you can ever be), so, take this with a liberal amount of salt, but I think the term ‘triggered’ is largely misunderstood by a lot of people; I also think a lot of people, those who engage in social justice included, over use it. Being triggered is not feeling uncomfortable. To be triggered is to have such high anxiety (or other state of emotional instability at the time) as to no longer be in a fully functional state of mind.

        Victims of trauma, such as rape victims, victims of domestic abuse, etc, are triggered by things that remind them of the events which traumatized them. It brings them back to those memories and/or toward the state of mind those events forced them into. It is very similar if not synonymous with post traumatic stress. When a veteran of a war hears fireworks on the 4th of July and it scares them, panics them, or makes them think they’re back in the war? They were triggered. You can be varying degrees of triggered, but simply to be upset, uncomfortable or offended… well… at some point, I think we already have words for that, and triggered isn’t it. Triggered is more than just those things, but not always as extreme as freezing in place or something.

        So… I understood why the scene was removed. I just wish there was no reason for it; this would be a better world if so. I also wish we could opt in to having the rape content, even if it does take away from some of the impact of how the game, prior to the patch, takes control away from the player. That impact, really, is what frightened people, I think. But at the same time, it may not have been entirely wise for them to be playing a game about the exchange of power in sexual situations in the first place.

        • An interesting and thoughtful reply.

          1) From your description, the player has a choice to end the encounter at any time in the original version. Seems to me like “opt-in” enough. Don’t like it? Walk away from the encounter. It doesn’t sound like you need the support of everyone to “win”.

          2) I think it’s a problem that some players may have been looking for dark fantasy, especially after reading a review like this, and then the game auto-updated and now it’s been removed from their version.

          3) Eroge will never be acceptable to share and talk about openly, I think, at least without the benefit of anonymity. Especially games that so one-sidedly appeal to males (bishoujo games) or appeal to non-mainstream fetishes that others find disturbing or disgusting (e.g., loli, rape).

          I try my best to discuss the genre in an honest way, not hiding my interest in the sexual aspect, but also not thrusting it in people’s faces. This is one of the respects in which I’ve diverged from LG. LG celebrates sexuality in gaming. I simply acknowledge it. Mine isn’t a porn site. It’s a site for news that just so happens to focus on porn games! I want people to visit my site for the content, not for the porn.

          4) The community that’s grown up around eroge is a diverse bunch. Sure, many are the rowdy GamerGate sort that you’ve encountered in this thread. But then there’s VNDB, which is pretty laid back and matter-of-fact. There’s Fuwanovel, which is filled with a constant stream of wide-eyed newcomers as well as jaded veterans. There’s /r/visualnovels, which pretends the visual novels they play don’t have porn in them. And of course there’s 4chan, where people fling abuse at each other and whomever the target of the moment is. I’m sure there’s many more I have no experience with at all that are completely different.

          5) I believe that people are more influenced by people than exposure to fiction or even media. They tend to believe those they trust, which is why social media is such a double-edged sword. The people we trust are often those who don’t deserve trust, either because they’re not actually knowledgeable, biased, or simply have an agenda to push.

          6) I’ve never really given much thought to triggering as a form of PTSD. All I know is that we can’t, and shouldn’t, revolve gaming around accommodating the needs of a select few who could simply play something else. Databases like VNDB should be sufficient to identify if a game contains content that could be a problem. I do understand that people who don’t like nonconsensual sexual fantasies should have alternatives. And they do! Sakura 20 awaits!

          • Jane Doe

            Re: 1) : I don’t know if the scene can be stopped at any time; I never much liked The President, so I always prioritized other characters routes over his.

            Re: 2) : The game still is a dark fantasy of sorts; the Beauty coerces you, you lie to the Hacker about who you are (and in doing so… can she really consent?). The game begins with the understanding that you’re tied up by your brother and being forced to tell him what happened while you were pretending to be him. Love’s fan base wasn’t able to handle the scene; I imagine that she felt forced into choosing between losing fans or removing content from her work, and that because she, I imagine, wants people to buy her future works she chose the latter over the former.

            Re: 3) , and porn in media: I quite enjoy porn games as porn games, but I also know an undeniable truth: sex has strong emotional charges that are inseparable from it. Sex can really add to the emotional impact of a plot, or be a huge turning point in a story.

            Re: 4) : I quite like VNDB as a whole, and familiar with all the communities you’ve described except Fuwanovel.

            Re: 5) : 2nd Order Effects as theory originated in analysis of the news media, mostly, which has a very human component: news anchors and journalists, people whom until fairly recently have been trusted by the vast majority. The idea was that if you heard about many violent crime stories on the news, you might think the world is a more dangerous place than it actually is. There’s a certain amount of disrespect in bubbles like LG, 4chan, and some communities on Reddit which is… well, just mean in an utterly unnecessary and frankly illogical way. I’m opposed to it, but not angry.

            Re: 6) : I pretty much agree. Games are, or at least can be, a form of art, and I don’t want to limit art by forcing its content to adhere to some code of inoffensive sterility, but I think trigger warnings are good. Trigger warnings don’t remove any content; they only exist when that content is there. They make it easy for someone who would be triggered to know they don’t want to buy or consume something. I like what VNDB does and use it on a regular basis, but it wouldn’t be much to ask artists/distributors to do customers this simple service.

          • Re: 5) I’m familiar with some of these effects you describe. People intuitively associate frequency of negative events in the news with risk, not realizing that selection biases are involved. This was adaptive when you learned about events from your neighbors (risk to those close to you likely approximates risk to yourself), but the media specifically selects for notable negative events to report on. This is related to the phenomenon of news as entertainment, which ends up giving the public a distorted view of the world around them.

            The bubble culture that has erupted all over the Internet is a general problem as people increasingly surround themselves with like-minded people and band together to villainize their ideological opponents. This is a manifestation of Us. vs. Them psychology, which is more or less biologically programmed. I doubt this problem can ever be fully solved, though it can be mitigated with conscientious exposure to different perspectives.

        • EroBotan

          polite? really lol, Your SJW cult compare us gamers to terrorist, saying that gamers are dead, insult our hobby, demand to censor our games .. and you expect us to be polite to you???

          well, here you go: FUCK YOU!!!

      • Jane Doe

        Also, just read your posts above. I like the cut of your jib, and saw that you mentioned writing a blog. What is your blog? I’d like to read it.

    • Captain Obvious

      So basically, it’s preaching to the choir and boy does that choir love to be preached to.

      • Jane Doe

        Would you say there’s a difference between ‘preaching to the choir’ and having a target audience in mind?

  • 23

    The consent part reminds me of that otome demon game where it had a “STOP” button throughout all of the sex scenes (or it was by the same person who did a demon game, I forget). Such an unappealing way to do it; they need to learn how to do dirty/sexy consent talk if they want consent involved.

    Real shame about the art style though. Their faces are too small for their heads.

    What a dud.

  • Kristallnacht is coming.

  • 44KPanda

    Sorry folks, the comment section is closed. We ran out of alcohol.

  • HollowClown

    Force SJW crap into your game –> get shit on by gamers.

  • Alistair

    Regressions and progressions are the same problem, regression to go backwards. Going backwards all right “Games and gamers Needs to grow up” They say.

    And how do one do that, (Not enough inclusive, diversity, too much of the “male gaze” games Etc etc) i take it people dont like certain type of games that a fair commet i dont like some games too.

    So i dont buy them, but the issue is “it not just a opinion is it” Getting games banned, censored isnt a opinion and who fault is that?

  • Notalent1337 .

    That final ranking feels almost impossibly generous based upon the actual content of the review. I was legit gearing up for a 1 out of 5.

  • strikezero01 .