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With Re:Zero: Death or Kiss due out soon, 5pb. is showcasing the different pre-order bonuses for their game. Many different retailers are offering different pre-order bonuses.

Re:Zero: Death or Kiss is an adventure-style visual novel based on the Re:Zero – Starting life in another world light novel and its 2016 anime adaption. The main difference with this visual novel is that the player, taking the role of Subaru, can choose what character route to pursue. The available choices for Subaru include Emilia, Rem, Ram, Felt, Beatrice, Crusch, Priscilla, or Anastasia.

The first print copies of Re:Zero: Death or Kiss will include a swimsuit DLC which allows the player to swap out the normally clothed characters for swimsuit variations. Also of note is that the limited edition versions of the game will include a soundtrack of the opening and ending themes, (Yell! ~ Magic Starts from the Lips, and Die, Die, Daisuki [Approximate English translation]) and an SD figure of Ram for the PlayStation 4 version or a SD figure for Rem on the Vita version.

As for the pre-order bonuses available from individual retailers, here’s a list of them all:

Animate : Rem cloth poster          : Rem A3 clear poster                   GEO: Ram mini-poster

Gamers : Rem & Ram B2 tapestry                Joshin : Anastasia microfiber                    Sofmap: Rem B2 tapestry mini-towel

Wondergoo: Emilia B2 tapestry

There are even some store-exclusive items as well:

      Animate : Ram pass case;                                 Imagine : Extra large cloth poster                      Amiami: Ram & Rem          Rem coin case set;                                                 of Ram (PS4) or Rem (Vita)                                Keychain  Normal or         RE:message memo                                                                                                                                        limited diorama version

Chara ani : KG size bromide of Ram       Gamers : original bromide of Ram & Rem      Enterking: QUO card of Rem

Takarajima : L edition bromide of Emilia          Futababooks : bromide of Emilia               COMG: QUO card of Rem

                                         Neowing : Mouse pad of Anastasia                       Theta Shop: QUO card of Rem

Re:Zero: Death or Kiss, as seen above, is available at a number of different websites. The retail price for the game is 10,500 yen (approx: $95) for the limited edition, 7,500 yen (approx: $65) for the standard edition, and 7,000 yen (approx: $60) for the download version. Physical goods are also subject to availability, so be sure to make sure your supplier is not already sold out.

Re:Zero: Death or Kiss is entirely in Japanese and as of this writing, there are no plans for a Western release.

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