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Translator 211Rudens has released their “final” partial patch to Diselmine’s femdom visual novel Violated Hero V.

[UPDATE 1/22/17] Translator 211Rudens has gone ahead and translated the remaining H-scenes in the game, completing the translation of all sex scenes and extra content. The game’s story and interface remain untranslated, however. The original post has been updated with the new patch, so you can grab the updated version from the same link provided at the end of the article. [/UPDATE]

The patch translates almost all of the game’s content, with a few H-scenes left untranslated. In 211Ruden’s translation post, they state that their translation is complete, and a good chunk of the untranslated scenes involve blowjobs, tentacles, and a footjob one. 211Rudens also stated that they may eventually translate the footjob scene later on in the future, but that the blowjob ones would not be translated.

The translator has also stopped decensoring efforts on the game, stating that they have moved onto working on decensoring the Monster Girl Quest Chapter Trilogy in order to expand their ability to redraw scenes. Unless things change in the future — or another translator takes up the mantle of translating what is left — it appears that this is the final translation patch that Violated Hero V will be receiving.

For your reading pleasure, you will find a synopsis, sample CGs, as well as information on where to obtain the game and patch below:

Elysia, the Ten Worlds: a universe under rule of monster musumes.

At the lowest of the Ten Worlds you live in fear and oppression, wondering if there was some way to change things.

One day, an angel appears to you with news that you’ve been chosen to liberate Elysia from its rulers.

Not knowing quite what to do, you are anointed hero by the strangely wicked angel, and take a sexual rite of passage for divine protection.

Your journey will take you across the Ten Worlds and pit you against beautiful, ravenously sexual monsters. If you should fail, a sperm-drenched hell of rapegirls is waiting.

Can you save all the worlds from monmusu tyranny!? Or will the sexy rulers choke out every last drop of your creamy vitality!?

The battle for Elysia, and your adventure as its savior, begins now…

The download 211Rudens’ partial fan translation patch for Violated Hero V can be found here . You can pick up a digital copy of the game from DLsite for $23.07 here. You can also download and check out a trial of the game on the DLsite page before you buy, although it is unknown as to whether or not the fan patch will work with the trial version.

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