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An adult virtual reality expo is taking place in the Japanese city of Osaka. Many adult software and hardware developers attended the event to showcase new and interesting technologies designed for erotica.

A 18+ virtual reality exhibition called Adult VR EXPO 2017 is taking place in Japan’s Osaka City near the Nipponbashi shopping district from the 19th to the 20th of January. The event, open only exclusively to paying participants, will be putting up older and newer technologies currently trending on the adult virtual reality market.

We’ve decided to take a sneak peek at the exhibition participants at the Expo in Osaka and to explain in short what kind of new and innovative ways the Japanese developers have prepared to spice up people’s sex life.

In Milking VR, you become a cow and get your teats milked. You can enjoy “farming” from a cow’s perspective, and experience the pleasure of getting milked after achieving orgasm.

Total Media Agency (TMA, for short) is known for their JAV cosplay line of videos. TMA has prepared an unspecified 3D VR demonstration video and will also be selling some of their previous movie productions at the event venue.

GizmoCup Japan is mainly exhibiting innovative Kiiroo sex toy products for men, women and couples. They will be showcasing their Onyx, Pearl products, and of course, VR content.

Then there’s Hakudaku Project, creating an erotic Touhou Project VR game. The game, titled Reimu’s Scheme, is designed for smartphones (Android 5.0 and up). The plot is about getting caught up in the miko Reimu’s trap and becoming her sex slave. The goal is to try to escape and save the magician Marisa while you are at it. According to the developers, the whole experience takes about an hour to complete.

Some of the features include an “ejaculate any time you want” feature, the ability to “save up for bukkake” and “interactive kiss, spanking, and deepthroat”. You can also change POVs from the menus. Other sexual acts featured in the game are handjobs, fellatio, two types of missionary sex, cowgirl and doggystyle.

Onasis, which is a device that can allow you to feel a female celebrity’s breath and moans through tactile sensation. A different kind of sensual experience for just normal sex.

Pornos, which is a collab with the erotic doujin voice circle Shirokuma no Yome. Pornos is showing off VR software where you can listen to doujin voices in 3D and even get a blowjob.

PureCristal is creating a VR application where you can control adult videos with just your line of sight, rather than a keyboard or smartphone screen or whatever input method. With just your movements, you can even start an image slideshow or pause and unpause media.

Then there’s VRG, which is using VR so that you can simulate what it would be like to be a girl’s toilet. It says this is a world’s first, and that you can be directly underneath girls as they use you.

Last up is another title by VRG, this time a bit less intense. It’s the release of a full 3D-modeled adult VR game, which uses your smartphone as a controller. The name of the game is Nanai-chan to Asobo! or Playing with Nanai-chan! We have previously taken a look at Playing at Nanai-chan!, which was first exhibited in full during the first Adult Virtual Reality Festival , also taking place in Japan. You can read our full article on it here.

The Adult VR EXPO 2017 in Osaka certainly doesn’t lack in the departments of imagination and innovation. While we could only give you brief overviews of the exhibitions taking place, the actual participants of the event will without a doubt post their thoughts and experiences on the Internet soon enough. We will do our best to try to cover the participants’ opinions as soon as they appear.

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