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Rogue-like, a hentai game by the artist Oni, offers players a chance to seduce Rogue and Kitty from the X-Men.

To some, the concept of combining porn and the X-Men, the long-running comic book franchise by Marvel Comics, might not seem entirely natural, but it makes sense when you think about it. The X-Men has always been brimming with sexuality, from villains like the brothel-owning Hellfire Club to the restrained passion of Gambit and Rogue’s relationship. Ultimately, much of the franchise is about the period of change, self-discovery, and sexual development that comes with young adulthood.

Oni, an artist with a notable following on HentaiFoundry, might agree with that sentiment because he has been in the midst of creating an erotic game set in the world of X-Men called Rogue-Like. An appreciated pun, but a bit misleading since the game is not actually a roguelike RPG.

Instead, Rogue-Like is a dating sim. You play as a new mutant at Xavier’s school, whose ability to short out mutant powers draws the attention of Rogue, an X-Men member who struggles with an inability to touch anyone without harming them. She’s very receptive to your touch, and if you play your cards right, you can do more then touch her cheek. The premise of someone being immune to Rogue’s powers is not new to X-Men, and makes for a pretty compelling reason why she’d be thirsting for your meat stick milk.

Astute players, or at least ones who grew up on Kids WB, will recognize that Rogue-Like’s versions of the cast come from the early 2000s show X-Men Evolution, which tried to streamline the universe. This doesn’t really play much into the game so far, minus the fact that this version of Rogue lacks her power to fly from the comics. If you’re mostly a fan of the movies or the comics and haven’t tried X-Men Evolution, it won’t affect your experience much. I personally think it’s a sensible decision, because of Evolution’s streamlined character designs and less bonkers continuity.

Oni does custom artwork for the game, which is on display in the outfits and various available sex acts up for selection. A second X-woman , Kitty Pride has begun implementation, but most of her interactions haven’t been established in the current build. Oni teased that he also plans to include Emma Frost (or at least a character who looks a lot like her) in a future release.

The custom models that Oni makes are appealing to look at, and faithfully capture the look and feel of the show Rogue-Like is based on. The animated sex acts are also a treat for the eyes, and I was very pleased with them. If there is a reason to try the title out, it’s mostly just because it’s not hard on the eyes.  The sex scene and event dialogue is passable, but nothing impressive. This is definitely a game made by an artist first and a writer second.

The game’s skeleton also can help but feel a little bit light. There are stats and things you can do during the day besides romance one of the available cuties, but none of them actually do anything. There is a progression of events leading to your opportunity to fuck a girl, but the sex acts are all basically vanilla. You get options like becoming her boyfriend or her master, but doing so offers almost no new options. The BDSM elements are especially galling, as the game offers you a screen to give her orders from, and the only two options are to fuck her or make her use a title for you; two options you already had.

In theory, all of this is fine. After all, the game is in a beta state; however, I don’t feel like development is moving in a direction that makes the game more satisfying. Development resources being taken up by adding two or more new girls who don’t seem to play very much differently than the first are not going to the key task of making Rogue-Like feel like the sandbox that it wants to be. There is certainly a place for new girls in the game, and I do genuinely like that the game has unique text at times for playing with one girl while the other is nearby, but I really can’t recommend the game very strongly until it has more to do once you’ve been playing for an hour.

Now, the elephant in the room should logically be the game’s price, but thankfully, the game isn’t expensive. You can get access to it for a mere $1 per month on Oni’s Patreon. That’s not bad, definitely landing in the range where the content you get is worthwhile. That being said, it does leave one wondering why there isn’t even a free demo of the game for players to try out. It also makes it a harder game to recommend than it should be. Rogue-Like is well made, and despite my earlier critique, I genuinely do like the game. Unfortunately, any kind of paywall, especially to even try out the game to see if you like it, makes it a much harder sell. And that’s a shame because I genuinely feel there is a lot of potential here.

You can find out more details about the game over at Oni’s Patreon  page. If you’d like to see more of his art, you can take a look at his Hentai Foundry page.

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