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Soldier’s Life by Pyorgara is a training sim where you play as a soldier who uses a promotion to transform his stuck up former commander into a sex slave.

The dating sim was one of the first genres of H-games to make their way West. They’ve been around these parts since the era of Newgrounds. There have been slave training sims — games about obedience training rather than building affection — for nearly as long. We even have early versions of the genre, like Slave Maker, that have been around for decades.

That’s not to say Soldier’s Life by Pyorgara is lacking in creativity. Instead, it’s to say that the game starts with a well-worn set of tropes and gameplay mechanics, and the way to judge the game is how well it handles them.

This is not Pyorgara’s first time around the block either. He previously made a slave training sim called Corrupting the Priestess. It’s a fine game. Basic slave training Sim mechanics, text-only except a few little pictures made by Pyagora’s wife, and a simple storyline. CtP really relies on a slow satisfying build up, naughty corruption themes, and evocative character writing.

Meanwhile, Soldier’s Life follows a grunt who gets promoted over his ice queen of a boss, Vanora, and uses his newfound position to train her as a sex slave. This involves using a series of escalating sex acts to slowly wear down her resistance.

Pyorgara writes scenes and descriptions on a tier above most Western hentai creators, and the way he builds tension describing Vanora’s descent into debauchery really shines. He really gets into the guts of it. Plus, Pyorgara seems to know he’s a strong writer, as there is plenty of prose to go around. Every time you lower her reputation level or self respect level, you gain access to more sex acts along with new, more lewd versions of the acts you’ve already earned.

The big improvement over Corrupting the Priestess is that many sex acts include choices you can make, many that depend on DnD-esque persuasion rolls to pull off. Roll a 10 and cum on her face. It gives the events a bit of a variety, and the game normally gives you an option to avoid the dice roll, so it doesn’t become tedious.

Another improvement is full art support. Your character, Vanora, and others all have one or more display models. Some of the sex acts have custom graphics that change depending on self respect/reputation level. Plus, there are plans to give at least some of the choices full hentai CGs, though it’s only implemented with the public stocks event so far. I wouldn’t call it top tier art, but it’s consistent and has an appealing cartoon-ish quality the comes off as quite likeable and expressive.

Overall, the effect is quite solid. The story itself is nothing special, but the quality of writing and the sheer amount of it makes it a treat. At present there is around 40 variations sex events with about eight CGs, with at least 120 variations of sex events in the works and who-knows-how-many custom CGs.

That’s what works. Now, let’s talk about what doesn’t work.

One of the new additions since Corrupting the Priestess is that there is now an entire combat and questing system. Your army grows via reputation, which you get via battles. Then you can buy equipment using that reputation.

Surprisingly, the battles themselves work fine mechanically. The battles were straight forward affairs that don’t linger long enough to frustrate. It’s just that the game requires you to play these segments every few actions, and for you to get anything useful you’ll need to do a mountain of dull, sexless grinding. Well, not totally sexless.

Getting upgrades allows you a chance to roll in the hay the cute supply girl. The player also can get the occasional sex event while scouting, such as a fun little encounter with a horny dryad. However, these events are few and far between. Much of the dullness of these segments could be spared with more sexual events, and more interplay with Vanora’s training.

None of this would be so galling if it actually accomplished anything. It feels like there should be some story or some broader tie to the training plotline, but there just isn’t. It’s basically the height of tacked-on tedium at the moment. It could possibly be redeemed by adding some kind of overarching story element to it, which, as of now it simply doesn’t have. You built a decent system. You should use it for something besides stopping me from having fun with my sex slave.

Soldier’s Life is a project worth watching though. The art is nice and breezy, and the event writing is excellent. It still needs lots of work, especially on the combat side, but this is a preview and not a review for a reason.

You can get access to the latest version Soldier’s Life by supporting Pyorgara on Patreon . A public version of the game, which is a few builds behind, is available for free on HentaiFoundry.

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