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MangaGamer's Third Annual Licensing Survey is Open

Visual novel publisher MangaGamer has opened up their third annual licensing survey for 2017.

For the past three years, MangaGamer has opened up a licensing survey to the public at the beginning of each year in order to gauge public interest on everything, from preferred VN platforms, genres, purchases, licensing suggestions and what consumers look for when deciding if they want to buy a visual novel. While their surveys haven’t been going on for long, both 2015 and 2016’s results gave a rare and interesting glimpse into the purchasing habits and preferences of visual novel fans.

2015’s survey results had a few interesting bits in it. For starters, the results showed that the older a customer was, the more likely they were to buy several more VNs in a year than their their younger counterparts. Out of the 23% of women who participated in the survey, over half of them were 17 or younger, while a vast chunk of male participants were of college age.

Some other interesting differences between men and women surveyed was that women made up a significant portion of Mac users and consumed their visual novel news from Tumblr, while males overwhelmingly preferred PC and a slight preference towards getting their news from 4chan. For both genders, story and art were the two most important aspects of a visual novel when deciding on a purchase, with art being more important to females. Surprisingly, anime adaptations polled extremely low on the spectrum, with most surveyors not even listing it as a factor on their decision to buy a game or not. While erotic content scored relatively high across the board, 18+ content became far more important for both males and females as they aged.

2016’s results were fairly similar with a few noted differences. While PC remained the top preferred platform, Steam had shot up to the top of consumers most preferred purchasing format, with hard copy preferences falling. Translation quality, a newly added choice to the list of important purchase points, scored fairly low on what concerned people the most in purchasing decisions.

We’re interested in seeing if the customer landscape and tastes have changed any this year from the previous survey results, as visual novels have steadily been gaining more traction and publicity as the years have gone by. If you’re interested in participating in MangaGamer’s third annual licensing survey, you can fill out the form here . If there’s any Japanese titles you’ve been hoping to see localized, the form allows you to fill out three localization suggestions. You’ll also be entered in a contest to win one of three copies of Da Capo 3 R., which is set to release on January 20th.

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