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Catgirl-saving VN Neko Club Now on Greenlight and Kickstarter

Neat Studios, in collaboration with DEVGRU-P, has put their Neko Club, their latest catgirl-centric ecchi visual novel, on Steam Greenlight and Kickstarter.

From the creators of Panzermadels: Tank Dating SimulatorStay! Stay! Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the more recent Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator comes a new ecchi visual novel centered around the oppression and discrimination of catgirls. What some people would compare to “Schindler’s List but with catgirls” has players star as Yutei Nagamichi, a man who tries to convince several cat-earned maidens to join the titular Neko Club before they are captured and forced into slavery.


Cat girls have gained their independence but you alone have the power to conquer their heart. A secret only you know and a power only you possess. Is a cat girl themed visual novel with a good storyline and gameplay something you want? Well boy do we have a story for you!It’s been 25 years since the nekos were freed, but things are no better now than they were years ago. Most live in slums and some resort back to selling their bodies or doing domestic work. Now with rumors of a conspiracy arising to send them back to slavery, a charismatic, charming, influential, likable, intelligent, and compassionate man is tasked and given the power to help hide the Nekos that poses as students in his school and help close the racial divide in society. Unfortunately however…you got it instead…


The players will play as Yutei Nagamichi, an angsty, stubborn, and hilarious smart-ass who has to collect clues to help him befriend and earn the trust of his peers and the Nekos in his school in order to convince them to join the Neko Club. Yutei must get them to join before they are captured by Detective Kowayama. The players will be given uneasy choices to choose from to try and achieve this goal. The players will face several obstacles. First and foremost is that the cat girls he has to help start off as very irritating and provocative, which might make the players want to choose certain options like witty comebacks instead of more friendly and submissive choices.

Second is that on occasions, Detective Kowayama will interrupt the flow of the story with plot twists in an attempt to put the main character on edge. A third obstacle in this game is the main character himself. If he suppresses his emotions too much, Yutei will begin to detonate and his rash emotions will definitely hurt his chances of befriending the Nekos. In short, it’s a balancing act between making friends and being true to himself.

The players should pay very special attention to what the characters in the game are saying and piece together the clues to evoke the right reactions. This takes some social skills which Yutei does not have. When provoked, Yutei will start to unravel the dialogue choices the players have made and naturally self sabotage his own goals due to anger and impulsiveness.


Along with putting the game up on Steam Greenlight , the developers have also started a Kickstarter campaign where they are seeking $6,000 in total funds. Backer tier rewards include such items as: the digital download version of the game, a digital wallpaper, having your name put into the credits, a physical copy of the game, a digital artbook and soundtrack, a NSFW version of the digital artbook, and even a neko figurine and custom character body pillow for the highest available tier. Neko Club‘s Kickstarter stretch goals also include such additional features as full voice acting, more fan service CGs, three new side stories, an animated opening for the game and the inclusion of animated character sprites. The developers have also prepared a few screenshots from the title and a trailer, which you can check out below.

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