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Ghost Hunter Vena, In Development by Vosmug

Vosmug, an independent developer behind the action eroge Xenotake, is developing Ghost Hunter Vena.

When there are ghosts, there are often ghost hunters to the rescue. In Ghost Hunter Vena, you fill the shoes of a young woman named Vena, who lands herself in a haunted mansion owned by Lady Sanulier. As the story goes, the woman succumbed to madness and converted the home into a prison. Though she conducted her typical duties as normal, she held servants, maids and pedestrians captive for a lengthy amount of time. The home eventually began to decay and everyone within disappeared without a trace. It turns out that, after a police investigation, the inhabitants — including Lady Sanulier — were found dead.

Nevertheless, due to unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, you wind up in an unconscious state, only to wake with rope tightly wrapped around you. From there, you encounter a mysterious and powerful talking gauntlet who happens to be a realm guardian. Together, you must venture through the mansion in hopes of saving your friends and escaping the area, all while adopting the title of “Ghost Hunter.”

The gameplay is action-based; you must take advantage of your gauntlet’s stunning capabilities and other attacks in order to defeat your ghostly enemies (who happen to be greatly attracted to your lustful energies). You’ll also gain other unique abilities, such as flight, that will allow you to conquer the puzzles that dare ensnare you. Enemies will also do anything they can to fulfill their desires; at first, they will grope you, but if your clothes give way during the attacks, they will resort to more extreme measures. To restore your clothes, you need to press a simple button, and your gauntlet buddy will do the rest — with a little groping and some energy, of course.

Furthermore, and though this is not included in the game at the moment, you can access the masturbation mechanic by entering the test room; to do that, you need to simply press T while in the main menu. However, you must be stripped completely of your clothing to masturbate, but once you are, all you need to do is press F repeatedly.

Currently, you can download the version 0.1.1 demo of Ghost Hunter Venahere. As of January 7, 2017, Vosmug is designing sprites for two or three more big sections before moving onto level design.

If you’d like to support Vosmug’s efforts and follow the overall development of Ghost Hunter Vena, you can head on over to Vosmug’s official blog.

For more lewd updates, be sure to check LewdGamer out on Twitter and Tumblr . However, if you’re feeling financially supportive, you can always peek at our Patreon page.

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