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Free PlayStation 4 Themes Featuring The King of Fighters

Atlus has released several free PlayStation 4 themes based on SNK’s fighting series The King of Fighters XIV.

If you browse the PlayStation Store, you’ll see several sexy, new additions. In celebration of last year’s release of The King of Fighters XIV, Atlus has added some sizzling new PlayStation 4 themes. Many of these themes feature some of KoF’s cute female combatants in bathing suits. Fan favorites like Athena Asamiya, Mai Shiranui, and Kula Diamond can be seen posing in these gorgeous and colorful themes. Each theme is a static image that comes with its own music and varying sound effects for the menus. The best part is that they are 100% free.


The King of Fighters XIV: ‘NESTS Girls on the BEACH’ Theme

Now, we’ve only mentioned the lewdest of the themes here, but to be fair, there are some tame ones as well. Most of them feature the male characters, but a few throw the females into the mix. All of the themes can be found here. The link should word for North American and European users, but in the event it doesn’t, they can all easily be found through a search on the store. 


The King of Fighters XIV: ‘Psychic Girl’ Theme

While these PlayStation 4 themes are all pretty tame by our standards, they are still some of the sexiest wallpapers you’re ever going to see listed on the Playstation Store. Also, once again, they’re free, so we can’t complain too much. Check out the images below for an additional taste of what they have to offer.

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  • EroBotan

    I really glad the new chinese based SNK abandon the previous playmore style art, everyone is cute & pretty again now. When will i be able to buy PS4 >.< …. .