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[UPDATE]Boys Love Game Seiyuu Danshi Kickstarter Funded

A new face in the VN indie market, Meyaoi Games, has stepped onto the stage and launched a Kickstarter for their first title, a boy love dating sim titled Seiyuu Danshi.

[Update 03/19/16] Seiyuu Danshi’s kickstarter has officially ended, having received $39,197 in funding, which was 782% of it’s original funding goal.

Within nine hours of the Kickstarter launching, the campaign had reached and surpassed its goal. In Seiyuu Danshi you take on the role of a newbie voice actor looking to make it big and win the Seiyuu Award. As the player, you decide how he will spend his days. Will you focus all your time and energy into honing your skills, or will you enjoy the company of a hot guy you meet in your travels? The choice is all yours.

The game will feature five men to woo, with one secret romance (two if the additional character stretch goal is reached). The game will also feature some rather interesting and unique gameplay features, such as the ability to decide whether you want to top or bottom, and a foreplay mode where you have to get your partner hot and bothered before you can get it on with him. Other features include dressing up before a date, an explorable town map, voice acting gigs, and the ability to continue the game even after you have romanced and bedded your lover.

As of writing this article, the campaign has unlocked its first stretch goal, allowing Meyaoi to commission an original song for the opening portion of the game. The current remaining stretch goals include an additional secret character, the ability to choose whether to use a condom during intercourse, and partial voice acting. In addition to monetary stretch goals, Meyaoi Games is also running a Twitter campaign that unlocks a 4-koma manga and artwork for each character.

For more information on the game, characters, and campaign, as well as check out the game’s demo, head on over to  the Seiyuu Danshi Kickstarter page and take a look. You can also reach out to the developers, and follow the games development progress, on their Twitter  and blog.

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