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Editor’s Note – Transparency Post: So I’m Making Games Now

Wait... You're Doing What Now?

Hello, everyone! Been awhile since you heard from me, eh? Well lewdites, there are some good reasons for this, I promise.

Note: Scroll down for the TL;DR.

As you can see from the title, it’s indeed true: I’m coming closer and closer now to reveal day of the project that I have been building behind closed doors. Now, I’m both excited and scared at the same time, considering how potentially life-changing this whole ordeal can be. Right now, however, there is something far more important which needs to be addressed.

For some of you, me making games isn’t exactly any real news to you. A while ago, when the LG team and I used to periodically stream, we had always talked to our fans directly about our difficulties and what we wanted to accomplish in the future. That would have had continued, but unfortunate circumstances prevented me from keeping it going (although I hope to address this in the future, depending on how things go).

LewdGamer (or even the LewdMedia brand as a whole) has had the goal to help usher in an era of better adult games, motivate developers to improve and actually FINISH their products (this is the fucking big one). LG will be two years old in four days from this post. We have tried our best to maintain our high standards while fostering a fun and engaging atmosphere. The site was an important first step in achieving my overall goal and has already proved to be successful in its base mission (though it still has a lot of work to do).

This brings up an important problem though, the high standards that we try our best to maintain also apply to our advertisers. We have experimented with a lot of advertisement angles and try our best to keep the ads relevant to our site and its user base as best as possible. Unfortunately, this has proved to be rather difficult. Finding legit advertisement in this scene is hard, and the only way for us to open up more options would be for us to “self-censor” our content.

Which defeats the fucking purpose in the first place.

So, how did this become a thing?

With some motivation from others, I was convinced to tackle game development. Considering my situation, I felt that this would be a monumental task and that maybe it was the wrong time to attempt it, but my doubts were put to rest by some good friends I have managed to gain over the years and I managed to patch together a team!

My main writing staff has remained faithful to the site even at its lowest points, believing greatly in what we are trying to accomplish. I’d like to offer more to old and new writers that qualify to be part of the team. In order to accomplish this, I’m making games and revenue through others means that bring this closer to reality. All of my guys would love to do nothing but write for LewdGamer, but current financial hardships make that impossible.

Enter Critical Bliss, my game development subsidiary. We gave ourselves a strict timeline to adhere to for our first project, which has been in development since November. I felt that if I was going to enter this area of business, the best way to do so is the only way I know how…

And that is to come out swinging!

Aiming for highest quality I can muster in such a short amount of time, I hope to make a statement in the industry and even further inspire others to try their best at what they do.

Things have gone rather well so far even with some bumps, as I’m learning to lead a whole new type of medium, but there has been plenty of internal discussion about you guys. The game’s development team is completely separate from the writing staff here, but even then, the LG Staff is always worried about how you guys might feel about all this.

I know full well that I’m taking risking some credibility here, but for the sake of my site and its future, I felt that this was a reasonable thing for me to do.

It all comes down to this: Are you guys okay with me (and only me) keeping you updated about this project on and after the reveal on LewdGamer? If the majority opinion is that it’s a bad idea, then I completely understand. To be honest, I’m quite confident that the project can shine on its own merits.

Maintaining our trust with you guys is important to us. I hope being open about this with all of you is enough. Thanks for all the support and we hope you continue to join us in this little journey that this site, Critical Bliss, and the LewdMedia brand can bring to you guys moving forward!


– This post was made to inform the public that I’ll be entering (or more accurately, have already entered) the realm of game development.

– I’m making games because adult advertisement sucks balls and we refuse to put cancerous bullshit on our site that will annoy both you and us. Who actually likes the spyware and malware that is littered throughout those shitty ad systems? The only way for me to fix this problem is to “self-censor” the content and make it “Normie Friendly,” which defeats the intention of the site in the first place.

– Instead of complaining about advertisement woes, I decided to personally do something about it directly.

– LG will not be writing any reviews, previews, or LewdLooks on any of the games made under my game subsidiary, Critical Bliss.

– We are currently asking you, our dedicated audience, your genuine feelings about this. We wonder if you are okay with the idea of me keeping you guys updated about Critical Bliss titles on the site. This will, of course, come with full disclosure and clear separation from our regular news as I’ll be the only one writing about it.

– I’ll still be overseeing the site and making sure that it follows protocol and standards, but as another option, I can write only about my games and nothing else. All posts you see from me will be entirely focused on the work I’m doing with Critical Bliss.

– Critical Bliss is a subsidiary of “LewdMedia” and will follow the same standards of trying our best to deliver high-quality content in a timely and believable manner. A lot of the same ideas I hold here will apply to anything that I make.

– If you guys are cool with all this, I’ll make sure to tell you guys all about W!??MNAD!!? in the very near future!

Basically, that’s it for now, folks! Tell me what you think below!

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  • King of Zeroes

    I for one do not mind progress reports on said games as long as they’re clearly labelled as a direct product of the site.

    • Technically Critical Bliss and LewdGamer are separate entities. Me being the owner of both branches is the one thing that connects everything. Of course I will make sure to adhere to proper action and disclosure to anything I’m apart of on this site.

  • I say go for it. Major kudos to you for not only choosing to do this to avoid thrusting shitty advertisements on your viewers, but also for realizing it may not be appropriate to talk about your own games here – however, I think you would be doing yourselves (and your followers) a disservice by not at least offering your games similar coverage to what you give other developers. As long as your own products don’t get any special treatment (which, given your levelheaded nature I don’t think they would), I say party on.

  • Lucas Vinicius

    Waiting for a good game 🙂

  • EroBotan

    i don’t mind if you write about your game here. In fact i prefer to read about your game here, I’m a bit dissapointed that this post don’t have any info about the game lol.

  • Redhatter

    I love the transparency of this and I am totally Ok with you writing about your game here.
    And good luck with the game!

  • bdemello29

    I don’t mind at all. Long live Lewdgamer!

  • Sethala

    Loving the transparency here. Personally, I’m fine with seeing information about the game on this site, as long as it’s clearly labeled as your own work. Having reviews about it with the normal 5-heart system would probably be pushing it, though.

    • It certainly would and that’s why its not even an option in the first place. I appreciate everyone trust and its not one I’m going to squander.

  • GroovyPotato

    As long as you inform people in your article about the fact that the games are done by the team here, I see no problem.

  • Testy

    I like the transparency, and that this site will not review the games from the new label (felt too much conflict of interest there). I feel like you personally can still review other games, but if you are too biased in the reviews towards your own games, then people will know and discredit your opinion. Just put the disclaimers in the right places and it should be fine. Also, show some sample art; not going to be interested in a game with art assets that looks like its taken from tumbler or something.

    • Naw, I’m not even going to cross that bridge. I’m fine with talking about the games Critical Bliss does if everyone is cool with it, but we will leave any of the games I help produce in anyway unreviewed. It’s just the best course of action all around.

  • kra

    It’s questionable, since it bypasses your own mental standards for what should be news and what is not. Maybe show the game to a staff member who hasn’t seen it and let him write an article, if he feels like it’s worth it.

    I support you doing game development 100% and would support the site if money ever becomes a severe issue, but this really shouldn’t become your game blog.

  • frogg

    Transparency, transparency, transparency.

  • Catsby

    I think its pretty cool cats! I’ve been comin here a long time now… You seem to understand the necessity of transparency shown here. Furthermore, it gives a lot of backing to all statements made on the webpage about a game being done by the developer OF a game.

  • snooze321

    Promoting your product on a platform you own is basic marketing. If you provide disclosure of your financial ties then go for it. I’d suggest you only release an update on your game twice a month at most. Have consistent updates instead of blowing your load early.

  • raz

    I think it’s perfectly reasonable to write whatever about your games on this site as long as there’s some kind of disclaimer. Even if they’re technically separate entities, just for transparency.

  • polisummer

    So Lewd Gamer has the goal to motivate developers to improve and actually FINISH their products. I’m glad you stated that. After taking down my failure from lewdjam I’ve been working on it every week. I hope you can finish your game. And I would love to see a lewd game dev blog.

  • DerpyDoo

    The transparency is very much appreciated, and I think it’s just fine to post about your game here so long as they’re clearly marked.

  • Waifu Engineering

    This is no problem. The Siliconera guy also occasionally showed his console game (though it was ages ago and I don’t remember any recent updates).

    Also thank you for not putting shitty ads. You could have gone the 8ch route in the past with the ability for users to purchase creative shitposts, but unfortunately the novelty of that wore off and it’s back to shitty ads.

    Speaking also as a game developer for about a decade, I hope you are prepared for this. Have you participated in game jams or released freeware in the past? These are more fun since the pressure of premium game development is harsh — you literally see thousands get spent and you hope to recover it. You want to build a sustainable business because the reality of the situation is the odds are less that you’d be the 100K indie darling and more like you release a game with no fanfare and you’re lucky to get 3,000 purchases. Maybe if your art is very good you can get popular on Patreon, but in my opinion it tends to favor certain types of games. Anyways best of luck.

  • Kondzio

    I appear to be in minority here, but let me say it anyway. Updates on the game from its developers should be on the devblog and/or game’s website and Lewd gamer is neither of those. However, there’s nothing wrong with writing an article about your game here from time to time, as long as the author of said article clearly states their relation to the development process.

    • Dex San

      I agree with this, as a developer of a some what distribution/portfolio platform and an adult game. I can say its of best interest to keep it separate.

    • I wouldn’t give my titles any special treatment on this site compared to anything else that my team pushes on LG. Most definitely I plan to have a separate place for more weekly or daily updates.

      I won’t be using this place as some sort of dev blog for my titles. Thats little of no concern.

  • Jack Edwards (edwards21)

    As long as it honestly doesn’t affect editorial content and you don’t use the site as a platform to advertise your game instead of honest journalism, I’m all for it. Best of luck to you!

  • Nin

    As long as the staff don’t try to plug in the game in unrelated or barely related articles along with the other things you said, then there is no problem on my end.

  • Nazzaroth

    while i dont see a direct problem about coverage, as long as its in the same frequency as other game updates, not weekly reminder to look at your games, it should be fine. Though i can hardly see how that would help this website?
    cause if the sales/income of your games has any ties with this websites functionallity yeah then there would definitly a problem. even if you try to not let it happen it, the conection to favorable coverage of your games just to keep this site afloat would exist.
    basically any credibility would go away or the coverage of your game. granted if its only progress updates without any subjective description (eg. look at this awesome feature we have now its mindblowing etc.) it would be less of an issue.
    overall i guess its worth a try, and depends on the execution, just be prepared that your games will be critizised as much as any other.

    • You can screenshot this if you want, but LG will never give overly favorable attention to the games I make regardless of the successes.

      Informing you guys of my games here will be seldom and only reserved for important things like a new reveal, major changes, and release day announcements.

      • Nazzaroth

        then i truly see no problem to give your game just the same treatment as any other game out there.

  • OverBorg

    Woop Woop. LL, how long have you been “learning” to make a game? (Everything from coding to modeling, audio and more)

    • Stranger On The Road

      3rd party engines are there to make it easier to create your own game without being weighted down by the details. While it will be better if you can do those things, you can make a simple game without them.

      • OverBorg

        I was asking how long he has been learning/practicing of making a game, I did not mean it like that.

  • Antonio

    Even Screwattack make games, why not LewdGamer? As long as it have quality it’s a good idea.

  • As long as you don’t write about your games and claim they’re “reviews” I don’t see a significant problem. I’d encourage you to continue writing editorials on topics you have expertise in.

    LewdGamer could post about these games here but hold these posts to the same standards of notoriety as everything else (your writers and editors should be capable of making that call; I’d recommend not writing these yourself to avoid writing posts that seem extremely biased or self-promotional). I’d suggest creating a separate site for promotional updates (that you write) and featuring a prominent link to it somewhere on this site. Another more intrusive option is a separate tab for promotional updates or an “update feed” somewhere off to the side.

  • Ajaner

    This makes me quite excited. I really hope you achieve success, as LG is important in the adult gaming segment. Gopher it!

    Looking forward to see what kind of game you are making. (Hope its not just another VN)

  • Fenrir007

    I’m okay with that, as long as everything is properly disclosed. More importantly, I hope your game is uncensored.

  • All for it. Proactive. I’ve been dabbling with reviewing games. I might get the chance to review some Critical Bliss and host the content on a blog.

  • Blank Generation

    I see no issue. I come here to remain appraised of any new developments in adult games, and that includes anything you as the owner might be working on.

  • XPDump

    I’d be really interested in it as an honest documentary-style series covering the the trials and tribulations of development. Giantbomb did something similar with Bastion, and there was a kickstarter for Broken Age with their documentary (now all on youtube, I believe). It’s not something that’s really been done for adult games other than as patreon blogs.

    Even if it’s just announcement posts, I’d be fine with twice as many posts about that than any other single thing, because you guys need to pay the bills, so do what you’ve got to do.