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Super Sonico Sexy Knit Featured

Pre-orders For Super Sonico Sexy Knit ver. Are Now Open on J-List

Online anime and Japanese merchandise retailer J-List has recently opened pre-orders for a new Super Sonico Sexy Knit ver. figure.

The busy anime idol Super Sonico is back in a new figure form by manufacturer Pulchra. A mascot of visual novel company Nitroplus, Super Sonico has conquered the hearts of many fans around the world with her friendly, optimistic demeanor and a body rivaling the curviest of models anywhere in the world. Sonico’s newest figure, sculpted by Bifuru and manufactured by Pulchra, has her standing 20.4 cm (8 in) tall and dressed up in a barely fitting sweater with a boob window, giving everyone a good look at her plentiful chest. For those with a preference for everything below the belt line, Sonico is also wearing very shiny, thick black pantyhose extending almost all the way up to her plump thighs. The pink-haired idol’s clothes make her visibly embarrassed as she desperately tries to cover up her lower half. Too bad you can’t make her put that hand away.

Check out some close-up photos of the figurine below.

The Super Sonico 1/8 Resin Cast Sexy Knit ver. figure can now be pre-ordered on the J-List store for $148 and is scheduled to come out in just 3 months, sometime in March of this year. If you’re interested in other statues by Pulchra, be sure to check out the rest of J-List’s catalog.

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  • EroBotan

    if i get rich someday, i’ll definitely get myself some sonico figures!

  • RomadE

    Sonico is thicc af <3

  • 44KPanda

    she needs a tray to carry her boobs