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Azurezero is a one man army in the world of adult game development. He already has an impressive amount of games under his belt and is currently running a Patreon to support his future efforts.

When it comes to the world of interactive smut, we’ve got a lot of choices. In fact, there are so many choices out there, that we’re bound to miss some things. That brings us to Azurezero. This UK based developer has produced a massive library of games, and yet few have probably heard of him. Most of the games he makes are made with RPG Maker, yet they are all unique in their own right. Below are just a few of the titles he has created.

Science Girl

Science Girl is similar to Super Mario Run or Slashy Souls, where mechanically it’s an endless runner, but it also has objectives. You need to tap the appropriate key to dodge the oncoming enemy types. If you fail to dodge, you get raped.

The experiments have broken out of confinement, help the pretty scientist escape the lab. Time your guards carefully to avoid the various enemies.

Witch Dungeon Lab

Witch Dungeon lab is a puzzle game. You play as a member of the Royal Guard who is sent to investigate a magical research facility. You immediately find yourself trapped and are forced to escape the sexual, puzzle-filled labyrinth.

Witch Dungeon Lab is a simple puzzle action game starring Kana, A member of the Royal Guard sent to investigate A magical research facility and retrieve a powerful artifact. Upon arrival however she is dropped into the basement and taunted by Malice the Witch.

Now she must evade the experiments and solve puzzles to find the exit.


Majo begins with a demon breaking in to the main character’s house. After barely escaping, she sets off on an adventure to get strong enough to defeat said demon. From here, the game turns onto a classic turn-based RPG with some puzzles.

Majo is a short hentai rpg about Izuki, a witch who is booted out of her home by the demon king, who’s main motivation is making her his latest concubine. She’s weak, so she has to go around wrecking the guys underlings in an effort to get stronger and kick him out of her home. Izuki also utilises various tools to traverse the map, hookshot, bow,etc. There are puzzles too.

This is the game that introduced my sexy status effects that are featured in Princess Ren Returns and SD Quest. In this game you can tie up some enemies for sexy (or humorous) pics of them.

The game features on map encounters and besides the bondage images for tying up enemies (or being tied up), the erotic content is scenes with text and CG when the player loses. Most enemies have scenes, some are grouped together into one scene because YAY LESBIANS!

Don’t play it if you don’t like female submission fantasies.

Ignore the name, I did that.

Princess Ren Returns

Princess Ren Returns is another RPG. In this game, Princess Ren returns to her castle after having been gone for a period of time, only to find that she has been replaced, and everything is in chaos.

Princess Ren Returns is an RPG Maker VXA RPG. It follows the story of Princess Ren, whom in Damsel Quest was kidnapped and dropped into the Castle of Dark Illusions where she was assaulted by figments born of her repressed lust. She escaped after obtaining the powers of a demon, and now she returns home…

To find the castle a mess. An imposter took her place, the soldiers are running rampant, the girls are committing acts of wanton debauchery, and the dimensions of the castle have become twisted and filled with lewd beasts and fairies.

The barrier governing the castle is turned against Ren, sealing her powers up so now she must fight her way around the castle to bring it back under her control, and topple the menace who took her appearance.

SD Quest

SD Quest is a standard turn-based RPG which involves two girls that were captured to become sex slaves. The main focus is to have the mage character learn new magic so that she can break the various spells on the locked doors and make an escape.

SD Quest is a small RPG about two girls escaping a dungeon, they were taken from different worlds to be turned into sex slaves.

Now they have to team up to escape.

This game, While having a chibi/super deformed art style has some scenes of fantasy violence some might find distasteful or even triggering, given that it’s a game about sex slavery I hope the viewers think before playing the demo.

if you lose, bad things are going to happen to the characters.

There are comedic aspects to the game, the two characters: Kenzie and Lili bicker a lot.

the combat system features clothing damage and the ability to tie up or be tied up by some enemies.

Again, these are just a handful of Azurezero’s completed games. Currently, he’s hard at work on his upcoming release: Damsel Quest 3. If you’d like more information on this or any of his titles, you can visit his Patreon . Many of Azurezero’s games can also be found on  and DLsite . His blog is also full of information on his games as well as some additional demos.

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