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Yandere Simulator Update: Poison and Senpai's Sanity

YandereDev posted two new videos describing the ongoing progress for Yandere Simulator. We now get to see methods of foiling a rival’s courting attempts and a look into the sanity of Senpai.

The past few months, YandereDev has been either talking about or working on the addition of rivals in Yandere Simulator. There was a slight delay in progress last month due to him lacking animations and other required assets, but things are now underway. With these two latest videos, he teases more about what is to come with the first rival’s implementation.

While YandereDev didn’t reveal too much information about the story, he did tell us about the first day. Osana, the first rival, is a childhood friend of Senpai. On her first day of courting, she makes him a bento box for lunch. If Senpai eats this meal, his affection for Osana will grow stronger, so Yandere-chan must prevent that at all costs. The player will have several options for taking care of this.


When it comes to poison, Yandere-chan can choose lethal and nonlethal types. The non-lethal version will just make Senpai sick, causing his relationship with Osana to decline. Alternatively, this method can also be used to make Osana sick, and possibly put her in a vulnerable position for attack. On the other hand, the lethal version can be used to outright kill this redheaded rival. Why this might not be the best choice, I’ll get to later.

The poison is not going to be readily available. Yandere-chan will have to get it from the nurse’s office, the gardening club, or Info-chan. If Yandere-chan doesn’t have authorized access to said location (i.e. joining the gardening club), then she will have to steal keys to gain access. YandereDev has added a minigame for pick-pocketing said keys.

Senpai’s Sanity:

Yandere-chan’s sanity meter plays a major role in Yandere Simulator, and its importance has been made clear in the past. There is, however, another sanity meter that has been kept a secret up until now — Senpai’s sanity meter. The number of horrors that Senpai witnesses will impact his sanity meter accordingly. This is why lethal poison may not be the best bet for dealing with Osana: since she is Senpai’s childhood friend, having to watch her die violently may put a damper on his mood. The final game ending, of which there are several, will be closely connected to the sanity of Senpai.

Osana is not yet finished, and a completion date has not yet been determined. She has also been removed from the latest build due to her not being ready. While this latest build may be lacking Osana, what it does have are some bug fixes. This build is available directly from the Yandere Simulator website . More news on the update can be found here or you can check out the videos for more tidbits of information.

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