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AKABUR has released the demo for Star Channel 34, a sequel to Princess Trainer. Train Princess Jasmine, Lara Croft, Hermione Granger, and more in space.

The recently completed game, Princess Trainer, created by the artist and general game creator AKABUR, follows a mysterious hooded man as he trains Princess Jasmine — from the Disney film Aladdin — to be the sex pet of the villainous Jafar. The wide reach and success of the game can be keenly seen by the number of projects it inspired, from Pyagora’s Corrupting the Priestess to LoganID’s The Dark Lord’s Trip.

Recently, AKABUR released the first playable demo for his follow up game, which is titled Star Channel 34 — a  name that is likely in reference to the famous Rule 34 of the Internet. The game, which is still in it’s early stages, will follow the same main character as Princess Trainer as he sets up an intergalactic video channel designed to show the people of the galaxy various fictional women dancing, stripping, and performing increasingly more lewd sexual acts. Basically, it’s your job to make an intergalactic porn channel. How tied the story of this game will be to that of Princess Trainer is still unknown.

Star Channel 34 features similar mechanics to Princess Trainer, in that it’s the job of the main character to assign jobs to the various sluts under his command, and gradually turn them from prudes into hardened, eager whores. However, unlike the previous game, which was designed to focus around the training of one girl, this game will allow the player to train much of the cast simultaneously.

In the playable demo version of the game, players can interact with the ship’s AI L.O.L.A., Princess Jasmine of Aladdin, and Ashelin Praxis from Jak and Daxter. The game will also Lara Croft of Tomb Raider and Harry Potter‘s own Hermoine Granger in later releases. You may remember that Hermoine was also in a previous AKUBAR game, WitchTrainer.

You can try out the latest build of Star Channel 34 or any of AKABUR’s prior game releases over at his website , or by visiting his Patreon.

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