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Switch has just released a new build (5.3) for Venture Seas. This build features a newly designed inventory system, new item types and some fixes for crashing issues.

Venture Seas, the adult RPG which puts players on a lewd, high seas adventure, has received an overhaul. This latest build is intended to alleviate issues with crashing, as well as implement some new features. Aside from the improved inventory system and addition of the “text scene system,” new items have been added, labeled “Products.” These items classify things like potions that cause character transformations and other goods, such as sex toys.

A unexpected focus on what I worked on this month. I started out by creating an improved inventory system to categorize items by type and show their information better, as well as the ability for characters eat consumables for HP recovery.

I also added a new item type: ‘products’, which will be manufactured goods such as transformation potions, sex toys etc…that will cause an effect to the player when consumed. For testing examples, I’ve added Guar milk for breast size increase, ‘Fem Velour’ facial feminizing slime, and a potion that causes a random transformation (which still requires limiters to prevent really silly changes).

Each product shows a descriptive text scene when used (dynamically loaded from external .txt file) and performs an effect from a list which will be built up over time (allowing modders to stack these effects to create their own items). The text scene system is also new this month, and will be used as an occasional alternate method for text sex scenes in the game, similar to Euphorian Tide (my previous game).

Additionally, multiple crash reports received for the last build have sparked the need for some other improvements. Switch believes the “paper doll” style of characters had led to too many images being loaded, causing memory issues. She hopes this has been corrected by having implemented “spine animations” to Venture Seas.

An unexpected workload this month came from increasing reports of players crashing on launch. As mentioned in the last blog post, I discovered the crashes to be a memory related issue, caused in part by excessive image assets for characters, and the existing paper-doll system.

I decided it be best to take the time to rework the paper-doll system using Spine animation software (which is used for sex scenes) and texture packer to compress the assets into a very small amount of images. This was time consuming to export each character part to this new system, but I also took the time to make many improvements to the art, coding and created animation support for the player character viewer. Artwork is still not to be considered final, as I rushed to finish this for now so I could switch focus to more important game systems and content.



I’ve still to port the main characters to this new optimized animated system but hopefully, paper-doll changes alone have fixed the launch crash bug.

Please report back to me if this bug has been fixed for you with this new build ?


For more news on Venture Seas and this latest release, you can find full details in the changelog . From there, you can get a better idea of the changes, like aesthetic updates and interface adjustments. Switch is currently seeking more voice actors for the project. Those interested can get in touch with her by email – switch101010@gmail.com . To try out the game for yourself, head over to the downloads page . You’ll find the latest build on the lower left of the site. If you’re interested in helping support the project, you can also check out the Patreon here.

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