If you build it, they will cum

Mole Studio  —  also known as Mole Games —   is developing A Demacian Rising, a role-playing game that draws inspiration from the renowned League of Legends.

League of Legends appears to be home for a few naughty fan creations. One such title? The Wind’s Disciple. Another title to add onto the list is A Demacian Rising. The title is Mole Studio’s (who claims that they adds moles to all of their girls) second game in development, right after A Night With Sona. There is also a third title under construction — a dream project if you will —  but that project can only be accomplished when the $2,200 milestone on Mole Studio’s Patreon is reached.

Nevertheless, A Demacian Rising, which was created mainly with RPG Maker MV and Paint Tool SAI, saw a release – a Month 1 Public Release to be exact, just a couple of weeks ago. This title is a direct sequel to A Night with Sona, which you can also download on Mole Studio’s Patreon, so keep in mind that if you want the full in-depth experience, you should probably play A Night with Sona First.

As for the story of A Demacian Rising, you fill the shoes of a young man who has a bit of an obsession with League of Legends’ Sona. You begin in the “real world,” Skyping with a buddy of yours, but before long, you are thrust into Demacia in the midst of an unexpected and initially pleasurable predicament. Without spoiling anything, the story takes a dramatic turn not too far into the game.

Mole Studio claims that the title will feature a long and complex storyline that will feature a wide array of League of Legends characters. Also embedded into the RPG are plenty of secrets and side quests.

If you enjoyed the public release and would like to support Mole Studio or Demacian Rising, whether it be financially or through any other method, then you can always visit Mole Studio’s Patreon. Note that if you support the studio financially, the developers will be likelier to produce more scenes and gameplay.

To sate all your lewd desires, be sure to check LewdGamer out on Twitter and Tumblr . If you’re feeling financially supportive, you can always head on over to our Patreon page.

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